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Enterprise Ireland: Our Mission

    Mission Statement


    Enterprise Ireland’s Mission

    The mission of Enterprise Ireland is to accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets resulting in increased national and regional prosperity.


    What is the Client Charter?

    This Charter is a guide on the quality of our service delivery to you and sets out what EI will do for you, how we propose to do it and in what timescale.


    What Can You Expect from Enterprise Ireland?


    Enterprise Ireland will deal with your enquiry promptly and in a helpful, courteous and responsive manner by ensuring that:


    • We identify ourselves by name and department within Enterprise Ireland on answering the phone.
    • All written communications from clients are acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt Monday – Friday.
    • All such queries are responded to within 5 working days of receipt, if a full response is not possible, we will send an interim reply.
    • Our website and social media forums are user friendly and up-to-date.


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    The business hours of Enterprise Ireland’s head office in Dublin are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.


    Client Engagement

    Enterprise Ireland has set down a defined process for engaging with you, our clients, to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in our business relationship with you. The process is summarised below:


    1. Plan and prepare.
    2. Contact and engage.
    3. Actively listen to issues and goals.
    4. Generate and agree actions.
    5. Conclude and exit.
    6. Follow through and review.



    We aim to ensure all of our sites, facilities and resources are fully accessible in line with the Disability Act 2005.  For queries in relation to accessibility, please submit the Contact Us Form



    Enterprise Ireland has a statutory obligation of confidentiality to its clients and will not disclose this information except as required by law.  In this Charter, we commit to treating all personal/business information in the strictest confidence.


    Recourse Procedure

    Enterprise Ireland is committed to providing a high-quality service to its customers. However, there may be occasions when problems arise, and you do not receive the service you expect. 

    Often an issue can be resolved quickly and easily by contacting the person with whom you have been dealing. You can do this in person, by telephone, email or by letter. If you would rather not deal with the member of staff concerned or if you are not sure who is responsible for the service about which you are complaining, you can directly contact the Secretary in writing.


    Paula Maguire

    Company Secretary

    Enterprise Ireland

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