Ready for Customs Grant FAQs

Below is a series of Frequently Asked Questions for the Ready for Customs grant type.  The answers can be viewed by clicking on the drop down arrows. Please read carefully.

Q1. What is the process of applying for and receiving payment for the Ready For Customs (RFC) grant type?

The process consists of 3 steps:

1. Make an Application
2. Pending confirmation of approval, Sign and Return the Acceptance Letter of Offer (LOO).
3. Submit a Grant Claim via EI online portal

Q2. How do I make an application for funding under this grant type?

Applications for the RFC grant must be submitted to Enterprise Ireland (EI) through the EI on-line portal (called Enterprise Ireland Extranet Login).

For more information on the Application Process, click on
Ready for Customs - Enterprise Ireland (

Remember, along with your application, you must submit the required supporting documents such as up to date Accounts for the Grantee Company.

Your application is given a CSU reference number. Once your application is approved, this number changes to a project number and the grant offer is detailed in your Letter of Offer.

When making a claim or an enquiry about a claim, please quote the project number and the grantee company name (not the trading name) as it will assist us to locate your record and provide an update

Q3. Can I apply to the grant more than once?

Yes, you can apply more than once.

However, you can only submit 2 grant claims, thus, if you make and are approved for 3 applications, you must submit the grant claims for 2 of the applications together in one batch.

Q4. Where is my Letter of Offer?

Once your application is approved, you will receive an automated email to let you know that your Letter of Offer is in process and can be expected shortly.

Only the Directors whose details are provided on the application form will receive an electronic link via DocuSign to access this letter.

We would ask that you also check junk and spam folders as the email may have been directed there.

Q5. How does the 2nd Director sign the Acceptance Letter of Offer?

Please review and carefully read your Letter of Offer.

First Director signs the acceptance Letter of Offer as instructed via DocuSign. Once the “Finish” button is clicked, an email (check the junk and or spam folders) is sent to the second Director for them to sign the document also.

When the acceptance letter has been signed by both Directors, EI receives an automatic email from DocuSign advising us that the acceptance letter is completed.

An automated no-reply email is then sent confirming receipt of signed Acceptance Letter of Offer and provides details on the final step of the process i.e. to make a claim against the approved project number.

Q6. How do I know if Enterprise Ireland has received my signed letter?

Once both Directors have electronically signed the Letter of Offer using the DocuSign platform, you will receive an automated email which states that the document has been completed. It will also provide a link to view the complete document.

EI advises that you save this document for your company records, as it is your legal contract with Enterprise Ireland for this grant offer and contains the terms and conditions of the offer along with other important information in Schedule A such as: the project number, the project start date and final claim date. Along with instructions on how to submit your claim(s) 2 max. for the grant.

You do not need to send the signed document to us, as we will receive an automated email to let us know the document has been completed.

Q7. Can I send Enterprise Ireland a signed hard copy of my Acceptance Letter of Offer instead of using DocuSign?

Due to Covid19 restrictions, the Grant Management Team are working remotely at present. Therefore, EI are unable accept hard copies of your signed acceptance Letter of Offer that is posted to our office.

Q8. I have returned my Acceptance Letter of Offer, when can I expect payment?

To receive payment against this grant offer, the Grantee Company must first submit a claim to EI.

Please refer to Q15, Q16 and Q17 for instructions on how to make a claim.

Q9. Is funding support under Ready For Customs grant type the same as support provided under Clear Customs grant type?

Is funding support under Ready For Customs grant type the same as support provided under Clear Customs grant type?The Ready For Customs (RFC) grant type should not be confused with the Clear Customs grant type as they are two separate grant offers.

RFC is to support the new hire or redeployment of staff into a specific customs role.

While Clear Customs grant support was for staff to attend a training, programme delivered nationwide by Skillnet Ireland in conjunction with the Irish Exporters Association and Irish International Freight Association.

Q.10 Can the employee start before the start date?

No, employees must be hired or redeployed on or before the Project Start Date, which will be listed on Schedule A of your LOO. This is the date that the application was approved by Enterprise Ireland. The earliest acceptable date is the 9th of September 2020.

The Grantee Company should not have incurred costs (e.g. recruitment costs) or have signed employment contracts before the Project Start Date.

Q11. Does the employee need to undertake the Skillnet Customs Clearance Training programme (or similar course) before submitting the claim?

No. However, either the Skillnet Customs Clearance Training programme or similar course must be undertaken within 12 months of the project offer date. This offer date is detailed in Schedule A of your LOO.

Please be advised that a follow up inspection by EI may take place to ensure that this condition has been complied with. Please keep a record of staff members who have undertaken such a course and a copy of any certifications of completion.

Q12. How long does the Ready for Customs position have to maintained for?

The full time and part time positions must be maintained for a period 1 year from the date of the Letter of Offer. (Project Offer Date plus 1 year).

Q.13 Do I calculate the salary and overhead costs?

No. Salary and overheads costs are fixed per person approved and do not require any calculation.
  • For a full-time employee, the costs are (salary €6,000, overhead €3,000).
  • For a part-time employee, the costs are (salary €3,000, overhead €1,500).

Refer to your LOO for the approved number of employees in a full time or part time customs role.

Q14. As a Director of the Grantee Company, do I qualify as an eligible employee?

As a Director you can apply for support as a paid employee of the grantee company.

However, you must provide an employment contract that is signed by yourself and a separate company representative as well as payslip and proof of payment.

Q15. Are claims accepted by post?

Claims are currently not accepted by post as the Payment Team are working remotely, with restricted access to the office in East Point Business Park.

All claims for RFC grant type are to be submitted to us via the EI Submit online portal only.

Link to EI portal can be found Under Step 2 at:

Q16. Can I use the same user id and password to access the EI submit online platform as my EI account?

The EI is a separate portal to any other EI Platforms; therefore, any existing login information (i.e. username and password) will not work when accessing EI

As a first-time user of, please REGISTER an email address & password
(this option is in the top right-hand corner of your screen). Once registered, you may then start the claim submission process.

Q17. What documents do I require to make a claim?

Before you commence filling in the form by answering a series of questions, please have the following documents (highlighted in bold text) completed and to hand:

1. The grantee company’s tax and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) details,
2. Signed and Completed Directors Statement template.

a. The project number (e.g. 123456/TD) can be found ins Schedule A of the LOO
b. The claim number will be “1” if this is the first claim being made. “2” for the second claim. Only 2 grant claims can be made against this grant type. Remember, all claims must be submitted before the projects Final Claim Date as specified in Schedule A of the LOO.
c. Note: only one company Directors’ signature is required on Statement.

3. A copy of the signed Employment Contract(s) for all employee(s) claimed, which clearly outlining the Customs Role and the commencement date of this role.

a. If the employee(s) were redeployed into a customs role, we require along with the original employment contract, an addendum letter on Grantee Company headed paper signed and dated by both the Employee and a Company Representative, clearly stating the details of the Customs Role and the commencement date.
b. Please ensure any employee claimed are not recruited or redeployed before the Project Start Date, as specified in Schedule A of the LOO.

4. A copy of the most recent payslip for all claimed employee(s).

5. Proof of payment in the form of a bank statement in the name of the Grantee company for the same pay period as payslip provided.

a. If wages are paid in batch, then please provide the relevant batch payroll listing with your claim. Please redact all other employee names except for the claimed employee(s). Keep the company name, date of batch listing and the monetary net pay values including the overall batch total visible. This overall batch total should match the amount shown on the Grantee Company’s bank statement also provided.

You upload the above documents when prompted to by the electronic form for example: on the electronic form Q7 & Q8 ask for the employment contracts and Q9 and Q10 ask for the payslips and grantee company bank statement. 

Q18. Why is the Grantee Company asked for their Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) details?

EI makes all grant payments by EFT.

As we may not made a payment to the Grantee Company before or the Grantee Company’s bank details may have changed since we last made a payment to you, it is essential that we have the most up to date EFT details on file.

This is why you are asked to email a copy of the Grantee Company’s bank statement header that clearly shows the Grantee Company name, account number, IBAN/IBAC numbers to

For identification purposes, please include the “CES ID” number, which can be found in Schedule A of your Letter of Offer on this bank statement header.

A member of our Finance Department team will contact you by phone (include a contact number in your email) to verify the bank details - note that, you will only be requested to confirm the last 4 digits of your IBAN/account no.

Q19. When I submit my claim, what happens next?

Once your claim is received, it is logged and assigned to a member of the Payment Team.

The Payment Officer assigned, will acknowledge, and review the paperwork submitted. Any missing or incomplete documentation identified, will be requested, and must be received before progression of your claim.

Claims are processed in date order of receipt. If all is in order with the documentation provided, the claim is processed, and a payment request is made.

Once approved, this payment request is sent overnight to our Finance Department, where payment is made by EFT.

Finally, the Payment Officer will send by email, to the person named as the claim contact, a copy of the payment report, which should be maintained for your company records.

Q20. Where can I go for assistance?

For enquiries regarding applying for Ready for Customs support, please email the Hub Team:

At claim stage, queries should be emailed to the Grant Payment Team:

To assist us, please state your six-digit grant project number (e.g. 123456/TD) and your Grantee Company name (not the company’s trading name) as shown in your Letter of Offer in the subject line of your email.

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