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Climate action voucher claim

Please complete the following steps to claim your grant. 

Step 1 - Claim Form & Declaration and Project Report

Please download the template below:

Claim Action Voucher – Grant Claim/Declaration and Project Report (xlsx).


  • Complete the tab entitled “Claim Form & Declaration”. Print, Sign and Scan the document showing the original handwritten signature. Attach the PDF document with your claim.
  • Ensure the Progress Report and other relevant tabs are filled in and attach with your claim as an Excel document.
  • All supporting documents including:
    • Service Providers Invoices.
    • The Grantee company bank statement as proof of payment of those invoices claimed must be clearly cross referenced and attached as one PDF document with your claim.
    • Consultant Report


If any of the above required documents are missing, the claim will be returned.

Step 2 - Submit Forms

Step 2 - Submit Forms 

Submit your claim to us at on or before the projects final claim date. 



  • to include your company name and project number in the subject line.
  • Use your client number (CES ID) when encrypting files. Your CES ID number can be found in “Schedule A” of your company’s Letter of Offer. 

Step 3 - What happens next

  • Your claim will be assigned to a Grant Payment Officer who will review the details and seek clarification from you if necessary.
  • If all is in order, the claim will be passed to the Climate Action Voucher Project Manager who will review the submission and instruct the Grant Payment Officer to pay or disallow the claim.
  • The Grant Payment Officer completes the authorisation of your claim and submits a payment request to our Finance Department.
  • A payment report will issue by email from Grant Payment Team with details of the approved payment and advising that payment by EFT will follow shortly. 

Further information

Climate Action Voucher Assignment Guidelines – outlines application and claim process, and eligible activities


If you need assistance, contact the Grant Payment Team at, outlining in the subject line, the Grantee Company Name (not trading name) and project number. 

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