Everything you need to know about processing a claim with Enterprise Ireland.

How do I submit a claim? 

Claims are not accepted by post.
Submit claim documentation in Word®, Excel® format only by email to  IndustryGrantClaims@enterprise-ireland.com  

When emailing, to include your Company Name and Project Number in the Subject Line. Use your Client Number (CES ID) number when encrypting files. Your CES ID number can be found in “Schedule A” of your company’s Letter of Offer.

What steps should I follow when submitting a claim?

Use the Grant Claim Checklist as a guide when completing the claim.

Where can I find the Project Number?

Project numbers are listed on the first page of the Letter of Offer.

Where can I find the Client Number?

The CES ID can be found in “Schedule A” of your company’s Letter of Offer.

Where can I find the claim number?

Your first claim is claim 1. Subsequent claims are sequential after that.

What will happen if I submit a claim missing key information?

All necessary claim documentation is listed on the Grant Claim Checklist. Your claim will be returned if incomplete.

What is the last date I can submit a claim?

You should submit your claim by the final claim date (FCD). The FCD is indicated in Schedule-A of the Letter of Offer.

Who can incur expenditure?

Expenditure must be incurred by the Grantee Company only. The Grantee Company is named in the Letter of Offer. The Letter of Offer is a legal agreement between Enterprise Ireland and the Grantee Company.

What expenditure is eligible?

Refer to the Application and to the Letter of Offer for guidance. The Letter of Offer will specify any expenditure disallowed from your Application.

How often can I claim?

Refer to the Checklist and the Letter of Offer.

Where can I get a copy of the letter of Offer?

The Letter of Offer is issued to two Company Directors via DocuSign®

They will have an electronic copy of the Letter of Offer/Acceptance.

Can I claim VAT?

VAT cannot be claimed on industry grants

Where to send claim queries?

Industry grant claim queries should be emailed to GrantPaymentsQueries@enterprise-ireland.com