List of Companies Grant Types

Select the Grant Type you have been offered from list below

Grant LinkDescriptionIDTags
Accelerated Recovery FundCapital
Acumen Programme(Acumen Key Manager, Acumen Consultancy, Acumen Prospector)Consultancy
Agile InnovationR&D
Be PreparedBrexit
Border Enterprise Development Fund (BEDF)(for use by Grantee Company/Public Body)Regional Development Schemes
Building Information Modelling (BIM)Consultancy
Crisis Response Business Financial Planning GrantConsultancy
Business Innovation InitiativeR&D
Business Links GrantConsultancy
Business Process Improvement (use Digital Marketing Capability Support (for e-Marketing Improvement) or LeanPlus or GreenPlus (for Environmental Improvement)Lean
Capital Investment InitiativeCapital
Capital Investment for Decarbonisation ProcessesCarbon Reduction
Capital Investment Scheme for the Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products Grant Claim FormCapital
Climate Action VoucherCarbon Reduction, Green
Community Enterprise CentreRegional Development Schemes
Community Enterprise Initiative (CEI)Regional Development Schemes
Company Expansions/DevelopmentCapital
Digital DiscoveryConsultancy
Digital Marketing Capability SupportConsultancy
Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF)R&D
Energy Monitoring and Tracking SystemsCarbon Reduction, Green
Enterprise Centre Fund(Community Enterprise Support in the Covid-19 related economic crisis)Regional Development Schemes
Evolve Strategic Planning GrantConsultancy
Exploring InnovationR&D
Finance in FocusConsultancy
GradStart Employment GrantEmployment
GreenPlusCarbon Reduction, Green
GreenStartCarbon Reduction, Green
HPSU Feasibility Grant(also used for HPSU Horizon 2020 & Competitive Feasibility Grants)HPSU
IP PlusR&D
IP StartR&D
Job Expansion FundEmployment
Key ManagerEmployment
LeanPlusLean, Training
LeanStartLean, Training
Lean Transform(use for Training)Lean, Training
Market Discovery GrantMarket Research, Consultancy
Middle Management Training GrantTraining
Online Retail SchemeConsultancy
Operational Excellence OfferLean, Training
Post Brexit Market Growth and Diversification GrantBrexit
R&D FundR&D
Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF)Regional Development Schemes
Regional Enterprise Innovation Scoping Scheme (REISS) Feasibility Grant ClaimRegional Development Schemes
Regional Enterprise Innovation Scoping Scheme (REISS) Priming Grant ClaimRegional Development Schemes
Regional Enterprise Transition Scheme (RETS)Regional Development Schemes
Regional Technology Cluster Fund (RTCF)Regional Development Schemes
Strategic ConsultancyConsultancy
Strategic Marketing Review GrantConsultancy