Corporate Venturing

Corporate Venturing is the provision of venture capital from one company to another.

Corporate venture capitalists are similar to VCs in the sense that they look for young, promising companies. The key difference is that Corporate VCs tend to be more risk-averse than traditional VCs and also more sector-specific. How the company/product fits with Corporate VC’s own research and development is the lead factor in the investment decision.


Am I eligible?

The decision of eligibility is determined by the Corporate VC, and the key factors are the “fit”, the perceived likelihood of success, the track record of the company directors and the strength of the product.


The ideal Corporate Partner will have the following:

  • a track record of investing in small businesses;
  • excellent business credentials;
  • capacity to invest;
  • ability to market the product successfully;
  • vision to transform new technologies into solid businesses;
  • established links and relevant industry contacts.


What level of funding is on offer?

Corporate Venturing can span investments from as low as €50k in a very early-stage start-up, all the way through the funding journey up to many millions.


How to apply?

Companies will typically establish relationships with Corporate VCs through their own means. Enterprise Ireland hosts Investor Forums throughout the year whereby companies are afforded the chance to present to and network with Corporate VCs. Contact the Growth Capital department for further information.


Key contact/more information

Enterprise Ireland clients should contact their Development Adviser or a member of the Growth Capital Team:

Growth Capital Department

Growth Capital Team
+353 1 727 2000