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Ireland’s Pioneering Sports Tech Industry: Revolutionising Global Athletics

In the world of sports, where inches can determine victory and milliseconds can break records, technology is emerging as the game-changer. Amidst this digital revolution, Ireland has emerged as a powerhouse in the sports tech industry, spearheading innovation that’s changing the face of athletics worldwide. 

From enhancing athlete performance to redefining fan engagement, Irish sports tech companies are leading the way with cutting-edge solutions that have caught the attention of major global sports leagues and brands from the NFL to NBA, English Premier League Teams, PGA golfers, Olympians and F1 drivers.


Pioneering Innovation: The Irish Touch

Irish sports tech companies have established themselves as pioneers in innovation, revolutionizing how athletes and teams perform, recover, and engage with fans. Among these remarkable innovators is Orreco, a West of Ireland-based firm that leverages machine learning and data analytics to monitor athletes’ health, helping them recover faster, perform better, and extend their careers. Collaborating with luminaries like IBM, Orreco built the world’s first cognitive solution for sports – a ground-breaking technology that empowers athletes to predict injury risks and gauge their readiness for peak performance. It’s no surprise that the likes of the PGA tour, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and the World Cup-winning United States women’s national soccer team have sought Orreco’s expertise.



The Game Changers: Irish Sports Tech Firms Shining Globally

One standout in the Irish sports tech galaxy is Kitman Labs, a global enterprise SaaS platform. Providing a centralized operating system for performance intelligence in sports, Kitman Labs boasts a clientele of over 700 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA college sports. These teams rely on Kitman Labs’ AI-powered insights to optimize player performance, health, and training. The company’s data-driven approach is redefining the game, ensuring that athletes are at their peak while reducing the risk of injuries.

TixServe, another Irish gem, is rewriting the rules of digital ticket delivery. Going beyond mere convenience, TixServe’s white label digital ticket fulfilment solution transforms ticket delivery into direct engagement with fans. The platform not only ensures secure and swift ticket delivery but also drives revenue through dynamic digital ticketing, opening avenues for profitable brand interactions.

Output Sports, a trailblazer in athlete testing and monitoring, simplifies elite-level sport-science data. With a single wearable sensor, Output Sports provides data akin to lab-based sports science equipment, earning the trust of Olympic athletes, top NFL draft picks, and Premier League Clubs, to name a few.


Fueling Innovation: The Irish Sports Tech Ecosystem

The success of Ireland’s sports tech industry can be attributed to a robust ecosystem that encourages innovation, research, collaboration, and support. Ireland’s tech-savvy workforce, coupled with research institutions like the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, fuels the development of state-of-the-art sports technology solutions. Collaborations between academia, industry, and sports organizations drive innovation, leading to partnerships that shape the future of sports tech.

Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s agency helping Irish business go global and the number one VC in Europe by deal count, is supporting and investing in a cohort of 40 Irish sports tech companies. 

Keith Brock, Enterprise Ireland’s Senior Development Advisor for Sports Tech said “The level of sports tech innovation emerging from Ireland is phenomenal and its why major sports leagues, athletes and brands are turning to Ireland to drive performance.

As well as supporting Irish innovators to scale internationally, we are very focused on fostering the growth of Irish start-ups and their cutting-edge solutions. Enterprise Ireland entered into a strategic innovation partnership with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU), the governing body for rugby in Ireland. Through the partnership to date, three Irish startups were selected to test and validate their products with the sporting organisation. They include Brace, a social injury rehabilitation platform designed to empower and connect athletes during the recovery process; MoveAhead, a motion tracking and movement analytics engine and RugbySmarts, a SaaS platform that uses AI and Computer Vision to give coaches the power of video analytics.”


Championing Tomorrow’s Athletes: The Path Forward

The sports tech journey in Ireland is making a global impact. Its strong foundation built on expertise, innovation, and collaboration promises a future that will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sports. As Ireland’s sports tech companies build bridges with global leagues, teams, and brands, they are not only enhancing their own stature but also reshaping the sports industry as a whole. This Irish success story is a testament to the power of technology in elevating the athlete’s journey, transforming fan experiences, and ultimately redefining the essence of sports.

In a world where every split-second matters and every inch gained can mean the difference between victory and defeat, Ireland’s sports tech industry is emerging as a beacon of innovation. With companies like Kitman Labs, Orreco, and TixServe leading the charge, the world of sports is undergoing a transformative revolution. The intersection of technology and athletics has never been more promising, and Ireland is standing at the forefront, showcasing the strength of its sports tech prowess on the global stage. As we look ahead, one thing is certain – Ireland’s impact on the sports world is only set to grow, propelling athletes to new heights and giving fans an experience like never before.

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