About Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the enterprise development agency in Ireland responsible for assisting Irish-owned and controlled enterprises. We work with High Potential Start-Up companies (HPSUs) to confirm the viability of their business ideas and also co-invest with the companies and other private investors to finance and implement their start-up and development plans.

Enterprise Ireland is the largest seed capital investor in Ireland. We invest directly in start-up companies and we are also limited partners in many of the Irish-based seed and venture capital funds.

Enterprise Ireland invests in over 70 High Potential Start-Up companies each year and manages a portfolio of over 1300 investments in client companies.


About Enterprise Ireland's Growth Capital team

Our Growth Capital team is a dedicated resource within Enterprise Ireland that works with private investors, business angel networks and institutional investors (seed and venture capital funds) in Ireland and internationally, identifying suitable investment opportunities in client companies. The Growth Capital team has a portfolio of emerging and existing Irish technology-based enterprises that are actively raising private investment in order to implement their start-up and expansion plans.

What type of companies do we invest in?

Enterprise Ireland invests in High Potential Start-Up companies (HPSUs). A High Potential Start-Up is defined as a start-up venture that is;

  • introducing a new or innovative product or service to international markets;
  • involved in manufacturing or internationally traded services;
  • capable of creating 10 jobs in Ireland and realising exports of €1 million within three to four years of starting up;
  • led by an experienced management team;
  • headquartered and controlled in Ireland;
  • less than six years old.

They are innovative companies founded by experienced industry professionals across a range of sectors including:

  • Life sciences, medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Clean technology and green energy
  • Enterprise software and services
  • Telecoms, internet, media and entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Food and innovative consumer products

What we offer investors

Enterprise Ireland undertakes extensive technical, commercial, financial and market due diligence for each project before an investment decision is made. Investors interested in co-investing with Enteprise Ireland can access a portfolio of screened investment opportunities in both technology and services sectors.

In larger investment rounds where syndicated investments are involved, we can introduce investors to other private and institutional investors.

Business Partners Programme

Enterprise Ireland is responsible for commercialising the outputs of publicly-funded academic research. Our experience shows that the involvement of experienced entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of academic research is a key determinant of success. The aim of the Business Partners Programme is to identify, engage and support entrepreneurs and hands-on investors to capitalise on the rich portfolio of research within the academic sector and create start-up companies. For more information, go to Business Partners Programme.


Contact details for the Enterprise Ireland Growth Capital team

If you are an investor interested in exploring investment opportunities in Ireland, contact a member of the Growth Capital team today.

Growth Capital Department
+353 1 727 2000
Growth Capital Team