Investments by Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the enterprise development agency in Ireland responsible for assisting Irish-owned and controlled enterprises. We work with High Potential Start-Up companies (HPSUs) to assess the viability of their business ideas and co-invest with other private investors to finance and implement their start-up and development plans.

Enterprise Ireland is the largest seed capital investor in Ireland. We invest directly in start-up companies and our Growth Capital Team manage our investments, as Limited Partners, into venture capital funds. These venture capital companies seek to invest in the most innovative and disruptive technologies coming through the Irish ecosystem.

Enterprise Ireland directly invests in over 70 High Potential Start-Up companies each year and manages a portfolio of over 1300 investments in client companies.

Growth Capital team

Our Growth Capital team is a dedicated resource within Enterprise Ireland that works with the external investor ecosystem, most notably Venture Funds and Business Angels in Ireland and internationally, to stimulate investment activity into Irish SMEs. The Growth Capital Team manages Enterprise Ireland’s venture fund investment portfolio (see: The team also supports the running of HBAN activities which works with Business Angels and companies which are raising funds, finding ways for each to meet with a view to successfully making investments.

In addition, the Growth Capital team works with Enterprise Ireland’s Development Advisors on initiatives which will enhance the financial capabilities of client companies, making those companies more likely to be successful in accessing capital to grow their businesses. 

Contact details

Growth Capital Department

+353 1 727 2000 

Growth Capital Team