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R & D Revenue Grant Claim Forms

R&D Revenue Grant Claim Forms

Please complete the following steps in order to claim your grant.

Step 1 - Download the Grant Claim Checklist

Complete the Claims Checklist for each claim and submit with all required documents.

If any of the required documents are missing, the claim will be returned.



Step 2 - Download and Complete the Required Forms

Independent Accountant’s Report

All claims in respect of grants approved in excess of €400,000 must be certified by an Independent Accountant.

Enterprise Ireland still reserves the right to request a claim to be certified by an Independent Accountant where deemed necessary and may withhold payment of the claim until such request has been complied with.

If your claim requires certification, it must be certified (signed and dated) by an Independent Accountant on their headed paper.

Please download and send the IAR Template [doc] to your Independent Accountant for completion. Note that their report should certify the Details (Date of, project number(s) and expenditure amount) as outlined on the Directors Statement relating to claim.
Directors Statement (.doc)

Must be included with each claim and signed by MD or 2 Directors on Grantee Company’s Headed Paper. If signed electronically, you must also provide an authorisation code. Cut and paste or p.p. signatures are not acceptable.

R&D Revenue Grant Claim Form (.xls) - in Excel format only
The expenditure figures claimed here, should match those summarised on the Directors Statement.

Please note that there is a separate excel worksheet tab for each category of approved eligible expenditure.

Progress Report (.doc)
Must be included with each claim and outline progress to date of the approved project.

Supporting Documents

The following documents should be available for inspection and demonstrate that the grantee company has incurred and paid for the expenditure being claimed. Please do not submit these documents with claim:

Payslips and the corresponding grantee company bank statement for the same pay period.

Timesheets – please use Timesheet (.xlsx format)

Invoices and corresponding grantee company bank statement showing proof of payment*.

Any other documents such as e-tickets etc.
For further information, please read:

Inspection Guide - Preparing for a Site Inspection (.docx) 

Step 3 - Submit Forms

Submit your claim to Enterprise Ireland by email to

Claim documentation should be in Word® or PDF Format. All Claim Forms should be in Excel® format only.

Remember, when emailing, to include your Company Name and Project Number in the Subject Line.

(Optional) Use your Client Number (CES ID) number when encrypting files. Your CES ID number can be found in “Schedule A” of your company’s Letter of Offer.


Step 4 - What happens next

Your claim will be assigned to a Grant Payment Officer who will review the details and seek clarification from you if necessary.
If all is in order the claim will be passed to the inspection team who will be in contact with you to organise a visit to your company to validate your claim. Due to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions, it is not possible currently to carry out an on-site inspection and alternative arrangements will be implemented by the Grant Inspection Team.
The inspector will discuss the outcome of the validation with you and will instruct the payment officer to pay, defer or disallow the claim depending on their findings.
The payment officer completes the authorisation of your claim and submits a payment request to our Finance Department.
Details of the approved payment will issue from Grant Payments.

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