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Tisalabs is an Irish IoT company founded in 2017 which has developed a full-featured IOT management system with a focus on IoT security, encrypted messaging, secure virus-proof software and management and maintenance at scale of the attached components in the network. 

Our expertise is in mission-critical no single point of failure architectures. The Tisalabs IoT management system is fully traceable, immutable and auditable. Secure sensor data transport over land-based and satellite networks is supported. Our added value is helping our customers in their IoT projects by facilitating the ease of deployment and management of a variety of IoT devices from a single dashboard.

Our expertise

Tisalabs is a system developer of both hardware and software for a variety of IoT systems. 


We are specialists in no single point of failure systems, security, management and maintenance at scale of IoT gateways and sensors. 


Tisalabs has developed a transport for IoT sensor data which can be routed over any network (LoRa, GSM, WIFI or IP and nonIP Satellite). Data can be routed on several criteria, path availability, data class and priority. 


Our strong container technology expertise and know-how is used to automate application deployment, management and maintenance at scale.  

Service domain

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

Technology domain

  • Application 

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

  • Space Systems Software  

Products, services and projects

From GPS location to Ground segment communications using short burst messages to IP-based satellite communications we have built a drop-in Gateway communication module that allows a user to add Satellite communications to their application. 

We have successfully completed projects at TRL7. 

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