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InnaLabs® is Europe's No.1 inertial sensor provider for Space Micro-launchers, Satellite Constellations, and Telecommunication Satellites. From sensor design, manufacturing, assembly and quality, we have complete ownership of our product development cycle. InnaLabs® sensors meet these key specifications while also following the most stringent quality standards required by the Space Industry. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified and we comply with the European Space Agency ECSS standards.

Our expertise

InnaLabs® is Europe's No.1 leader in high-precision sensors for Space. With our 6,000 m² production area, ISO - Class 7 and ISO Class 5, we have the production capacity to produce 1,000 Gyroscopes axes per month. We have invested in state-of-the-art Rate Tables, Temperature Chambers, Shakers, High Precision Soldering, Welding and Etching Laser Machines to ensure our finished products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality.  


We have successfully passed many Prime Audits and can confidently say that we are a world-class manufacturer of inertial sensors and systems. When developing the factory, we considered volume growths, thus enabling InnaLabs® to have the capacity to take on large orders at a flexible lead time.

Service domain

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

Technology domain

  • EEE Components

Products, services and projects

Space Products 

1. ARIETIS – Rad-Hard Gyro System 

2. ARIETIS-NS Rad Tolerant Gyro Unit 

3. AQUILA – Space-Qualified Accelerometer 

4. POLARIS – Space Inertial Measurement Unit 

5. N-Series Gyroscopes – 1 & 2 Axis Unhoused Gyroscopes 

Space Projects 


1. 2016 was the year InnaLabs® established its space heritage, as over 50 N-Series Gyroscopes were launched into space on board 13 satellites. To date, these gyroscopes have experienced no failures or performance degradation. 

2. In 2018, InnaLabs® announced €2.6m contract with ESA. The objective of the agreement is to the development, manufacturing, and qualification of ARIETIS. End applications are scientific missions (e.g., PLATO) as well as LEO for Earth Observation, MEO for Navigation, and AOCS in GEO with an in-orbit lifetime of up to 15 years. 

3. In 2019, InnaLabs® was awarded the contract to develop the Aquila Rad-Hard Space Accelerometer by the European Space Agency. 

4. At 11 am on the 9th of October 2019, InnaLabs® Gyroscopes achieved 1,000,000 hours in space with no failure. Our technology is being used to stabilise high-resolution cameras in several low-earth orbit satellites.

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