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Ireland: The business of making magic

Ireland's passion for creative storytelling combined with cutting-edge artistry and innovation produces award-winning entertainment for the world's biggest networks. 

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Why partner with Irish digital entertainment companies?

Ireland offers a stable, business-friendly environment placing it as a trusted location for many of the world's most successful companies.

Global reputation

Ireland has a reputation for combining world-class storytelling, artistry, and technology.


Ireland has a highly coordinated industry that collaborates at home and abroad to produce marketable content for international audiences – while losing none of its distinctive magic.


With a strong focus on R&D, innovation, upskilling, and new talent development the Irish digital entertainment industry is set up to succeed.

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Volograms: putting virtual reality creation in everyones hand

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Irish creative animation studios growing in global popularity

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Irish companies leading the way in immersive technology

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Irish companies leading the way in immersive technology

Opportunities in Immersive Media Entertainment

A guide for Irish digital entertainment companies 

The art of storytelling in Ireland's creative sector is visible in its emerging immersive sector across AR, VR, and immersive visual experiences in cities. Read the guide to learn more about the opportunities.

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