Investor Ready Start Ups


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Thurs. 11thNov. 2021


Investor Ready Start-Ups

Investor Ready Start-Ups

  • Image of Emma Carr

    Emma Carr

    Amara Therapeutics

  • Image of Donal Scannell

    Donal Scannell


  • Image of Paula Newell

    Paula Newell

    AVeta Medical

  • Image of Miriam Savage

    Miriam Savage

    Elevre Medical

  • Image of Antoinette Perry

    Antoinette Perry


  • Image of Morteza Matkan

    Morteza Matkan

    illuminAi Tech

  • image of Aaron Hannon

    Aaron Hannon

    Luminate Medical

  • image of Johann Issartel

    Johann Issartel


  • image of Jürgen Osing

    Jürgen Osing


  • image of Naomh McElhatton

    Naomh McElhatton

  • image of Brian Slattery

    Brian Slattery


  • image of Lyn Markey

    Lyn Markey

    XTremedy Medical

Big ideas 2021 is an Enterprise Ireland led event that empowers the front runners in Irish research, to take centre stage and pitch their technology solutions and business propositions to an audience comprised of the Irish research and investment communities. Big Ideas provides investor ready start-ups with a bespoke pathway to success, support with growing their business and creating jobs in Ireland.

The emphasis is placed on potential new companies that are rooted in research, funded by the State. The aim is to highlight the successful collaborations that exist between higher education institutes here in Ireland, investors and state support. The event offers an ideal platform to showcase the quality of research that is currently taking place within institutes of higher education across the country. The accomplishments achieved by Ireland’s national technology transfer system and the high standard of research that is currently being produced by Irish research centres will be featured throughout.

Big Ideas is an Annual showcase event which highlights successful collaborations between higher education institutes, investors and state support.