Business Description
We develop and supply operational intelligence software services for distributed energy networks. Our web-based solution distills large volumes of equipment and enterprise data, generates key technical and commercial performance metrics and delivers focussed decision-support capability directly to operations and planning personnel.

Products and Services
Our Wind Farm Portfolio Management solution provides critical operational decision support capabiliy to wind farm operators and service providers. The system extracts and normalises data from existing multi-vendor equipment and IT infrastructure without deploying additional on-site hardware. Advanced data processing algorithms generate customised key performance metrics with detailed “drill down” analytics to help pinpoint operational issues, while our energy forecasting module utilises this asset characterisation intelligence to build enhanced production forecasts. All operational information is delivered through an interactive web interface or via standardised reports.

Value Proposition
ServusNet’s operational intelligence software solution takes the complexity out of processing large volumes of wind farm data. It provides customised data-mining analytics to help pinpoint operational issues and performance improvement opportunities. Information to support critical short and long-term operational decisions is provided automatically and on a timely basis, allowing on-site teams to focus on addressing problems rather than interpreting data.

By taking advantage of large amounts of complex data from multiple asset types, in-house IT systems and third party sources, we provide unique insights to help identify underlying anomalies which warrant investigation before they become potential KPI-impacting incidents.

Our solution is specifically designed around an “aggregate up” and “drill down” philosophy and we work with the operations team to customise the set of key operational performance indicators (KPIs) and associated problem isolation analytics. This ensures that specific business logic, for example a contractual asset availability agreement, is incorporated in the solution.

Our software algorithms capture operational characteristics over time and provide performance baselines, trend analysis and asset health-check capability which are invaluable inputs into post-commissioning benchmarking, annual evaluation and end-of-warranty assessments.

All functionality is delivered as a “software as a service” model which ensures efficient deployment and avoids on-site maintenance overheads.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Distributed/Renewable Energy Generation •  Wind Energy Generation

Key Clients
 •  Wind Farm Owners/Operators •  Wind Farm Operations Service Providers •  Renewable Energy Consulting Service Providers •  Utilities/Energy Aggregators/Network Operators

Geographical Market(s) Served
United States of America (USA), Finland, Nordics

Key Partners
 •  Wind Farm Operations Service Providers •  Renewable Energy Consulting Service Providers

N.S.C. Campus
Loughmahon Technology Park
Cork, Co. Cork, T12K5CY, Ireland

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