Business Description
Smart Energy Solutions for Buildings.
Cylon was established in Ireland in 1985 and is currently headquartered out of Dublin. Cylon has a local presence in the UK, USA, Middle East, Germany, and China and a network of over 150 system integrators globally. With over $1.5 billion of installations worldwide, Cylon is a leading independent controls company focused on the development and manufacture of control hardware and software and the provision of energy management solutions internationally. In 2014 Cylon acquired American Auto-Matrix an American-based Building Automation Systems Critical Environments Controls manufacturers located in Export, PA.

Products and Services
Cylon offers a range of energy management solutions including Unitron building control systems (hardware & software); BACnet open protocol building control systems (hardware & software; Active Energy Manager SaaS (software as a service) solution – a cloud based energy analytics and energy management tool to monitor multiple buildings in multiple locations; Active Energy public energy display; Active Energy mobile applications; Engineering support nationally and internationally; End to end energy management solutions to meet customer energy requirements. Solutions are aimed at all types of commercial and industrial customers aimed at contributing to creating a greener world through optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Value Proposition
Cylon provides energy management solutions to customers which improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and improve energy cost whilst maintaining occupant comfort. Cylon’s controls solutions consist of the Cylon Unitron BMS solution and an open BACnet BMS solution and are suitable for any commercial or industrial building or application worldwide.
Cylon has over 25 years expertise in the design and development of building control hardware solutions and has a deep understanding of how buildings operate. Using this knowledge, Cylon has developed a cloud based energy management solution that is designed to be user friendly and intuitive, which directs energy managers and building owners to areas of building efficiency improvement in real time.
As an agnostic software as a service solution, Cylon’s Active Energy Manager can work with Cylon or any other building management system. By utilising the existing controls infrastructure in a building, Cylon can help customers target improvements through analytics, alarms and reports accessible on any internet enabled devices including smart phones. Payback periods of as low as 6 weeks and energy savings of between 20 and 40% can be achieved with the Cylon Energy Solution.

Standards and Certificates

Sector(s) Served
 •  Public buildings (Councils, Government Agencies) •  Education (Schools, Universities) •  Commercial Buildings (Office Blocks) •  Retail Chains •  Hospitality (Hotels, Sports Centres) •  New and Retrofit commercial & industrial •  Healthcare

Key Clients
 •  Retail Chains •  Councils •  Government Agencies •  Utilities •  Facility Management Companies •  Universities

Geographical Market(s) Served
Australia, Belgium & Luxembourg, China, Denmark, England/Wales, France, Germany, India, Italy, N. Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal & Azores, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA), Ireland

Key Partners
 •  Consultants •  Facility Management Companies •  System Integrators •  Construction Companies •  Property Management

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