Business Description
Dubarry of Ireland is a Premium Performance Lifestyle Brand designing and marketing a range of Footwear, Clothing, Leather Goods and Accessories to a global audience. In addition to our HQ in Ireland we have subsidiaries in the UK, USA and the Netherlands servicing our customer base.

Products and Services
Dubarry designs and markets a wide range of products such as the following:

•    Performance Sailing Boots
•    Country Lifestyle Boots
•    Country Clothing incl. Tweed, Wax Cotton and Knitwear
•    Nautically inspired deck shoes/moccasins and casual clothing
•    GORE-TEX lined waterproof and breathable outdoor clothing collection
Dubarry’s strategy is to offer the consumer classical, fashionable and functional high quality premium performance lifestyle products for a wide variety of uses.

Value Proposition
Dubarry’s value proposition is that as a brand we are actively out there in over 20 international markets engaging directly with our consumers at a wide variety of publicly attended events from boat shows to equestrian, gardening and other outdoor events. This gives us an excellent insight to what our users want from our brand and is continuously used in our range development process.

We have an innovative and unique way of presenting our brand - see Dubarry Events on www.dubarry.com. This ensures that we have a captive market to browse our extensive range of classical styling. Dubarry’s unique marketing approach drives consumers to our retail partners. We also have three flagship stores in Dublin London and Cheltenham.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Footwear •  Clothing •  Leather Goods •  Accessories •  Retail •  Online

Key Clients
 •  Independent High End Retailers •  Department Stores (Harrods)

Geographical Market(s) Served
Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Greece, Russia

Key Partners
 •  Our subsidiaries in the UK, USA and Netherlands, international distributors and key suppliers such as GORE-TEX, Primaloft®, ExtraLight®

Co Galway

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