Business Description
ZiggyTec helps Property Management Companies meet their sustainability reporting obligations by installing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology in commercial buildings and deliver the key data required by property management companies (utility meter readings and usage) through ZiggyTec’s cloud based software platform.

Products and Services
ZiggyTec offers property management companies meter reading “data as a service” solutions that only cost €13.70 per meter per month.
ZiggyTec installs Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology in commercial buildings that read utility meters (gas, electricity, water & heat). The ZiggyTec solution requires no capital costs, no installation fees, no maintenance charges and the solution can be installed within hours with no down time for the building. The data from the measured meters is transmitted over the IoT network (96% population coverage in Ireland and the UK) to ZiggyTec’s cloud based platform. The client can access various displays/interfaces for analysis and download all necessary reports.

Value Proposition
Our Competitive advantages are:
1. Firstly we are a data provider. The competition either provides Data analytics capability but require the customer to gather the data or alternatively sell the customer capital equipment to gather the data themselves. Currently the competition doesn’t provide data as a service.
2. The Sigfox IOT ultra narrow band networks reduces the cost of install and operate over traditional metering systems. Other systems require economies of scale of 10 plus per site where as ZiggyTec can scale right down to a meter per site as their are no technical overheads
3. Property Managers have complex reporting requirements. The ZiggyTec Platform allows managers report by site, portfolio, region, business line and by their own client. This functionality doesn't exist in traditional systems.

Sector(s) Served
 •  IOT •  Energy •  Sustainability

Key Clients
 •  Savills •  Aramark •  CBRE

Geographical Market(s) Served
Ireland, United Kingdom (UK)

Media Cube
Kill Ave
Dun Laoghaire

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