Business Description
patientMpower is a digital healthcare company
providing remote monitoring solutions for patients
living with chronic conditions. The patientMpower
team is passionate about empowering better
outcomes by enabling patients to better manage their
care and providing unique data insights for healthcare
providers and researchers to improve treatments.

Products and Services
patientMpower is an experienced provider of remote
monitoring solutions for patients living with chronic
conditions. patientMpower’s patient-facing app, with
integrated clinical grade medical devices, shares data
with clinicians in real time. We provide specialized
solutions for the remote management of patients
with lung conditions, including cystic fibrosis and
COPD, kidney disease and heart failure. In 2020 we
developed a solution for remote monitoring of
COVID-19. Our technology is used in leading centers
in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Value Proposition
patientMpower transforms patient care. We provide
remote monitoring solutions to healthcare providers
so patients with chronic conditions can be managed
at home. Our platform empowers better outcomes and experience for patients, increases efficiency for
providers and delivers data for researchers to
improve treatments. Our solutions integrate with
multiple clinical grade medical devices to collect
holistic objective and subjective patient data to
enable specialist, multi-disciplinary clinical care for
patients with lung conditions, kidney disease and
heart failure. We work with healthcare providers and
researchers across the EU, UK and US.

Standards and Certificates
- Registered Medical Device

Sector(s) Served
 •  Medtech

Key Clients
 •  Health Services Executive (Ireland) •  National Health Service (UK) •  Mount Sinai Hospital (US) •  NYU Langone Health (US)

Geographical Market(s) Served
Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, United States of America (USA)

Key Partners
 •  Patient Knows Best

60 Merrion Square South
Dublin 2, D02KX26, Ireland

Contact Details

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