Business Description
FoodMarble is a high-growth technology startup based in
Dublin, Ireland. We’ve developed an app-connected breath
analysis device called the AIRE to help people overcome
an incredibly common but radically underserved digestive
problems, such as IBS and SIBO. So far, we’ve sold over
25,000 devices in over 50 countries, mostly through and have developed a separate offering
for clinicians, with a particular focus on the US.

Products and Services
The AIRE is a personal, app-connected breath analysis
device which allows you to see how your body responds to
certain foods. We also have a clinical device being
launched in the US, allowing patients to be tested in the
comfort of their own home, providing savings for both
patients and insurers alike. Clinicians can access and view
their patients’ data through our clinical dashboard.

Value Proposition
We have developed technology that gives our customers
personalised insights, allowing them to gain control of their
gut health and gain a better understanding of what makes
their digestion unique.

Standards and Certificates
FDA Class 1 510(k) exempt

Sector(s) Served
 •  MedTech •  Health and Wellness

Geographical Market(s) Served

Suite 1
Guinness Enterprise Centre
Taylor's Lane
Dublin 8, D08YE0P, Ireland

Contact Details

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