Business Description
Avail Support is an international, award winning digital healthcare company. It’s solution, avail® is a SaaS educational & healthcare solution, promoting independence in life and work for those with learning difficulties, autism, brain injuries, mental health and other with cognitive related disabilities.

Products and Services
avail® acts like a virtual assistant, at the learner’s finger tips empowering them to reach their full potential. Creating and delivering individualised, multimedia systemic instructions (e.g. videos/visuals/text or audio prompts) on a smart device of any given goal. This innovative platform utilises principles of an evidence based practice, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), enabling direct support workers with the tools to be experienced therapists, by equipping facilitators to create customised or download pre-created content from our extensive library of everyday activities through an application and web portal.

Value Proposition
avail® can assist over 4% of the population who require 1:1 assistance to complete daily tasks, the equivalent of 28M people in the current four target countries, valued at €10bn. Governments Worldwide have set objectives to substantially increase the participation of the disabled in the workforce and are providing significant multi year funding to encourage this objective in addition to enforce evidence and outcome based programme in schools and adult services. avail® provides an average payback within 3.5 months and has demonstrated a 50% saving in time to acquire skills compared to traditional practices.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Digital Healthcare •  IOT

Geographical Market(s) Served
Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), Canada, United States of America (USA)

Co Monaghan

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