Business Description
Eiratech Robotics is the Dublin-based innovator of a mobile goods-to-person robotics automation platform for the Intelligent Supply Chain and Smart Factories. We leverage Platform-Based Design to enable multiple applications on its platform, including e-fulfilment, materials handling, kitting and retail, and developing into a seamless, end-to-end goods-to-consumer digital e-commerce experience.

Established in Ireland in 2014 Eiratech has grown a team of highly skilled professionals made up of hardware and software engineers. Eiratech is focused on making robotics accessible alternative to manual labour and expensive automation solutions.

Products and Services
Eiratech Robotics have developed a core goods-to-person robotics platform that enables 3 distinct solutions.

All solutions comprise of a blend of hardware and self-learning software to offer end-to-end packages with open APIs for the easy integration.

Eirasystem™ is the goods-to-man warehouse automation that operates in real time giving full track and trace abilities at all times while delivering real cost savings through enhanced efficiencies and decreased labour requirements.

Eiraparts™ is the materials handling system for the Smart Factories that enables Mass Customisation to build individual products efficiently in a short time. It fuels smart factory by employing Eirabots™ to move and track components as they work their way through the assembly line and into the hands of their customers.

Eiracube™ is the consumer solution concept that is aiming to deliver the 1st fully automated, robotics driven retail store shopping experience.

Value Proposition
Eiratech Robotics offers a set of mobile robotics solutions that are accessible, scalable, flexible and transferable. Solution approach and open software platform enable our clients to leverage our eFulfilment and materials handling applications to drive digital transformation in the warehouses and on the shop floors.

Most automation involves a large capital investment, a clear 5 year plan to which it is designed and a large software investment to enable it to integrate with existing processes and established practices. Eiratech tick all the desirable qualities a customer would want when facing these choices.

- Being able to test a solution on a small level then scale up quickly,
- Eliminate the large high risk, up-front payment and pay as you go
- Being able to plan and invest in 18-24 month windows vs 60 month timespan
- Working with an open and flexible partner that has designed and built all components of the solution thus having a comprehensive understanding of the solution and be able to offer support.

Eiratech believes robotics has a large role to play in the future of many sectors from traditional supply chain operations, through manufacturing to automated retail stores. By turning a traditional ‘cost’ into a key competitive advantage there are vast opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Retail •  E-commerce •  Warehousing •  Manufacturing •  Industrial

Key Clients
Our clients are confidential

Geographical Market(s) Served
European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA)

1st Floor InnaLabs Building
Blanchardstown Industrial Park
Dublin 15, D15 E682

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