Business Description
Development, production, sales & licence of unique, patented Antimicrobial coatings for glass, ceramics & metals.

Products and Services
Kastus has developed effective and practical antimicrobial solutions that kill harmful bacteria and micro-organisms such as MRSA and E. Coli.

Kastus Glass & Ceramic is a novel, patented, pure visible light activated (VLA) photocatalytic antimicrobial coating for glass & ceramic that has been designed to be coated during the manufacturing process as a liquid. The technology is indoor light activated and is sintered into the surface at high temperature forming is permanent, long-lasting, scratch resistant coating.

Kastus Steel Antimicrobial coating is applicable to metals making high touch surfaces such as door handles kill harmful bacteria.

Kastus paint & plastic Antimicrobial additives are easily mixed giving market leading performance functionality.

Value Proposition
Kastus helps client companies increase their revenue and market share with zero risk of negatively impacting their profitability or customer loyalty.
Kastus has spent several years and millions developing uniquely effective, market leading, patented IP so our customers don’t have to.
Customers benefit from unique IP, friendly commercial terms, expert technical & marketing support and from efficient and dedicated service.

Kastus collaborates with clients who wish to exploit expertise to develop unique Antimicrobial product functionality exclusively for their use; giving them the ability to displace competition and to enter and create new markets.

Kastus’ products are permanent, environmentally friendly, unique, patented and have been designed to be easily incorporated into client manufacturing processes requiring minimal Capex or resources.

Standards and Certificates
US and UK Patents granted with Global pending ISO 27447:2009

Sector(s) Served
 •  Multinational Glass producers •  Ceramic Tile and Sanitary Ceramics Producers

Geographical Market(s) Served

Key Partners
 •  DIT

GW112 Greenway Hub
Dublin 7

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