Business Description
At PMD Solutions we have a motto that sums up our intent and the premise on which our company was established…. Making Every Breath Count. The Mechanics of breathing are dynamic and complex. Since 2011, Our Cork based R&D team have strived to understand these complexities, and their clinical significance, and have conceptualized a technology to provide unprecedented data capabilities for the clinical setting.
PMD Solutions has since received CE Mark for the World’s first purpose designed respiratory monitoring sensor delivering consistent and reliable results. RespiraSense became available for sale across the European Union in January of 2017, with growing clinical support and acceptance.

Products and Services
RespiraSense by PMD Solutions enables medical professionals to provide better patient care through early detection, intervention & monitoring of respiratory compromise among patients admitted to hospital.
It is a wireless, non-invasive wearable Sensor that provides continuous respiratory rate monitoring, ensuring early detection of respiratory failure & future prediction of patient escalations in care. It operates by measuring the mechanics of breathing, includingchest & abdominal displacements during spontaneous mechanical ventilation.
The continuous & accurate respiratory rate data from RespiraSense is then uploaded to an electronic platform, i.e. a tablet or directly to an electronic patient record system, allowing healthcare professionals be more efficient, proactive & responsive. The availability of accurate, real time, critical medical data will have a pronounced effect on patients’ clinical outcomes & quality of care, giving a significant ROI.

Value Proposition
Our vision is to improve Hospital patient outcomes by making every breath count as the Healthcare Industry leader in Respiratory Rate Monitoring.

RespiraSense - Our unique technology - provides unparalleled accuracy with unprecedented data capabilities for this important vital sign assessment in the clinical setting.

RespiraSense is developed to be end-user friendly and complement existing patient assessment practices whilst improving quality of care. It’s clever and practical design ensures it to be comfortable, non-invasive, wire-free and completely mobile for patient comfort and wellbeing.

The introduction of advanced manufacturing practices, and in-house engineering, makes RespiraSense incredibly accessible and affordable - with implementation focused to provide significant return on investment. Our drive to attain our vision is led by an outstanding team, who are focused on delivering customers and end-users the improvements and outcomes they also share and strive for.

Standards and Certificates
CE Mark

Sector(s) Served
 •  Medical

Key Clients
 •  Queen Alexandra Hospital – Portsmouth •  Sydvestjysk Sighs hospital

Geographical Market(s) Served
England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Middle East, United Kingdom (UK), Nordics

Bishopstown House
Model Farm Road
Cork, Co. Cork, T12T922, Ireland

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