Business Description
Wattics offers a white labeled SaaS platform with powerful and easy-to-use energy and data analytics with machine learning features to better discover saving opportunities and manage energy and businesses performance.

Wattics has developed an international network of fast-growing, leading energy service companies, utilities and meter manufacturers that brand and personalise the platform to then sell it as their own or via the Wattics brand.

The technology is highly ranked and recognised by professionals for its unique machine-learning energy analytics and real-time energy saving measurement and verification.

Products and Services
Wattics specialises on cloud-based business intelligence software for energy management allowing centralised management of energy projects, consumption performance, reporting.

The platform has low-cost entry level and operate with a “pay as you grow” business model where partners increase their monthly fee as they grow.

The benefits are to:
•    Dramatically reduces the time for energy managers to get insights
•    Smart track and alert in case of abnormal energy patterns
•    Discover inefficiencies and forecast savings
•    Develop energy and business performance and automated reports at a click of a button

Wattics energy partners offer the platform to their business customers increasing their business penetration and improving customer satisfactions through savings.

The energy managers track efficiency through the M&V Tool allowing savings calculation according to IPMVP standard for EPCs, ISO50001, LEED certifications.

Value Proposition
Wattics is the ultimate cloud-based tool for energy managers, energy consultants and utilities to:

1. Reduce from days to minutes the time spent on energy data and excel spreadsheets to discover opportunities of savings for business consumers
2. Connect energy data, meters, sensor and environmental data at a click of a button
3. Manage data, sites and users at large with a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use platform
4. Converting complex meter readings into clear saving forecasts, notifications and recommendations
5. Apply measurement and verification practices to generate undisputable energy saving reports automated.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Energy Service Companies •  Utilities •  Meter Manufacturers •  Industrial •  Retail Hospitality •  Corporate Buildings •  Commercial Centres •  Data Centres

Key Clients
 •  Prada •  KPMG •  Gucci •  Abbott pharma •  Bouygues •  Conviron •  Dalata Hotel Group •  Kepak •  Trump hotels •  Clarion hotels •  Clayton hotels •  Spar supermarkets •  Dell •  Octego Energy •  Amber Energy •  X3 Energy •  Watt-Volt •  Allied Environmental Consultants

Geographical Market(s) Served

Key Partners
Over 150 energy service companies, renewables, energy suppliers, grid operators, meter manufacturers in 50 countries

The Digital Depot
Thomas Street West
Dublin 8, D08TCV4, Ireland

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