Business Description
SureWash uses its patented gesture recognition applications to teach staff, patients and visitors the proper competence in hand hygiene to globally approved standards.

Products and Services
The SureWash product range helps hospitals to implement the World Health Organisation(WHO) hand hygiene improvement strategy by ensuring that hand hygiene training, evaluation and feedback is accessible to staff 24-7.

SureWash systems provide fun interactive reminders for staff and visitors and help everyone improve their hand hygiene. Product include: Surewash Training Unit.

Value Proposition
SureWash is unique in that it is the only system in the world that uses gesture recognition technology to physically train healthcare workers in the validated hand hygiene technique while providing real-time feedback on their activity.

Unique in the use of gesture recognition technology as a training tool.
- Real time objective feedback provided to the healthcare worker. Consistent learning.
- Self training available 24/7
- Training can take place on the ward as the
unit is mobile.

Muscle memory improves consistent application of technique.
Management reports available capable of providing a full audit trail obviating the necessity for manual inputting of individual user data.

Sector(s) Served
 •  Higher Education •  LifeSciences (Med Devices/ Diagnostics/Pharma/Digital Health) •  Healthcare

Key Clients
 •  NHS •  Pacific science Centre Seattle •  Northwest Kidney Centre Seattle •  Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia •  NHS Scotland

Geographical Market(s) Served
Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Eastern Europe, England, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), United States of America (USA)

Key Partners
 •  Sodexo

Studio 3.8
The Tower
Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus
Dublin 2, D02AR20, Ireland

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