Our Specialist Advisers

Enterprise Ireland Advisers

The primary function of an Enterprise Ireland Adviser is to carry out an assessment of your business development needs and to ensure that you are aware of all Enterprise Ireland supports and services for which you might qualify, and from which your business might benefit.

Specifically, your Enterprise Ireland Adviser is available to:

  • discuss your business development needs,
  • provide impartial confidential advice on your business plans,
  • provide information on a wide range of financial and business development supports available from Enterprise Ireland,
  • guide you through the application process for relevant supports, and
  • make you aware of sectoral events and networks of relevance to your business.

The Enterprise Ireland Adviser is your primary point of contact within Enterprise Ireland. 

Your Enterprise Ireland Adviser can co-ordinate access for you to our teams of Enterprise Ireland staff members who have specialist expertise in a range of key strategic business development functions.  Our team consists of:

  • Market Advisers

Based in our international offices in over 30 countries, Enterprise Ireland Market Advisers have the local knowledge and connections to advise you on how best to approach and grow your export sales.  Our Market Advisers are a vital source of market information that you can access when planning your sales strategy. They offer practical on-the-ground assistance and most critically have connections and access to major players in the market. 

  • Technology Development Advisers

The primary role of the Technology Development Adviser is to stimulate and challenge Enterprise Ireland clients to achieve high levels of technical competence within their businesses.  This is done by reviewing the current technical status of a client, identifying any possible technical barriers to growth, pro-actively signposting these technical issues to Development Advisers and offering possible solutions.

  • Investment Advisers

Investment Advisers are specialists in the areas of finance, equity, and sources of funding for both start-up and established clients.  Investment Advisers offer support in matching your funding needs with both Enterprise Ireland sources of funding, grant or equity, and external sources of funding, including Angel investors, venture capital funds and bank finance.

  • Technology Licensing Advisers

Our team of Technology Licensing Advisers have expert knowledge and experience in the field of technology licensing and technology transfer.  They provide information and advice on protecting your interests when licensing technologies and the ongoing management of your intellectual property.  If you are looking to license-in a new piece of technology or intellectual property, or want to identify opportunities to license-out your own technologies you should speak to our advisers.   For more information, go to Enterprise Europe Network.

  • Information/Market Research Specialists

The Enterprise Ireland Market Research Centre offers clients access to premium business intelligence sources that provide the most up-to-date information on a vast range of markets,  sectors, companies and technologies. The Market Research Centre is managed by our team of Information Specialists who can source, filter and deliver the most relevant market intelligence to Enterprise Ireland clients.  This information is sourced from published materials, no primary research is undertaken. For more information, go to Market Research Centre.