Access Strategic Advice and Expertise

Enterprise Ireland can provide you with the advice, specialist expertise and connections you need to drive your company’s growth. We do this by providing access to:

  • internal Enterprise Ireland development advisers
  • external mentors, from the private sector in Ireland and overseas.


Enterprise Ireland Advisers

As a client of Enterprise Ireland, you are assigned an Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser - your dedicated point of contact for Enterprise Ireland. Through your Adviser, you can access Enterprise Ireland staff with expertise in areas as diverse as export sales, technology development, market research, raising private investment and human resources.

Learn more about how our advisers and specialists can assist your company.


External mentors, advisers and specialists drawn from the private sector in Ireland and overseas

Our extensive networks of experts in Ireland and overseas enable us to connect you to sources of strategic advice and sectoral knowledge that can support you in addressing business challenges, and developing and executing growth strategies.

We offer programmes and funding supports to allow client companies access much needed advice and expertise, including:


Mentor - 121 Assignments

Companies can request the appointment of a Mentor from the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network. Mentors are successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who volunteer to advise EI clients based on their own business experience. The Network has over 400 active mentors who make a real contribution in our client companies, bringing about change, removing barriers to growth and enabling strategic success. The Mentor Network programme is fully funded. 


Mentor Panels 

In addition to one-to-one mentor assignments, Enterprise Ireland organises Mentor Panels where companies in the early stages of development can present and gain valuable feedback on their business plans and investment proposals. The Mentor Panel is chosen specifically to suit the company’s needs, sector and required expertise. Companies prepare and present a pitch to the panel and gain valuable advice on their business proposition in a trusted environment. Contact your Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser or the Mentor Team for more information.


Mentor Advisory Sessions

Mentors also offer a half day deep dive advisory session on a number of isues or road blacks your business may be experiencing. The Mentor can guide and offer their experience on:

  • Commercialisation of new products and services
  • More targeted sales and marketing
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Strategic business planning
  • Attracting outside investment and funding options
  • Improved R & D, design, innovation, production and logistics
  • Better HR management
  • Management succession

Business Accelerators

Enterprise Ireland can help companies retain the services of a Business Accelerator - an industry expert within a specific sector and market, with the experience, knowledge and contacts to support the company’s expansion into new markets. Business Accelerators come from the front lines of industry worldwide, with the relevant sales and marketing experience to advise and guide Irish companies on accelerating their export growth.  Under the Enterprise Ireland Internationalisation Grant, funding of up to 50% is available to companies working with a Business Accelerator.


International Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels are groups of senior private sector executives who volunteer to advise CEOs and senior managers of Irish companies targeting international markets.

Enterprise Ireland has assembled a number of Advisory Panels to support specific sectors including wireless technologies, financial services, medical devices and bio pharma sectors.

Advisors take part in group panel sessions and one-to-one follow-up mentoring engagements with companies on a “pro-bono” basis. They have a strong and unique value for Irish companies and give them access to very senior level strategic and investment advice, introductions to key high level contacts and business development opportunities in international markets.  Contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser for more information.


Innovation Vouchers

The Innovation Voucher Initiative was developed to build links between small businesses and Ireland's higher education institutes. Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company to explore a business opportunity or technical problem with a college or higher education institute.