International Graduate Programme Testimonials

Current and Previous Graduates on our International Programme include:

Eoin Hughes

Eoin Hughes "The Enterprise Ireland International Graduate Programme provides a brilliant opportunity to live and work abroad while representing Irish business and maintaining a connection back to home. Supporting innovative Irish companies and entrepreneurs as they enter and scale their businesses in an overseas market is very interesting, rewarding and a great learning experience, especially early in your career."

Dale Breheny

Dale Breheny "The Enterprise Ireland international graduate programme is a great opportunity to launch your career, helping you to build your network both overseas and in Ireland. It’s a unique and broad experience, where you gain knowledge and insight across a range of sectors and roles, including business development, marketing communications, project management and event planning. The combination of 1:1 client work and developing sector clusters, allows you to develop a varied skillset which opens doors to many different career paths. Working with Enterprise Ireland overseas is a great way to immerse yourself in a new business culture, while still supporting the Irish economy and having a real impact on the development of rural employment and expansion back home. The programme also gives you exposure to the innovation ecosystem in Ireland, where you can learn from entrepreneurs about the challenges they face in scaling up a business."

Conor Stone

Conor Stone, Cleantech and Consumer, Market Executive, London “Through Enterprise Ireland I have had experiences that would not be possible on any other graduate programme. I have worked with CEOs, interacted with Ministers, volunteered in local charities and travelled up and down Ireland and the UK. The programme has been a great first step in my career.”

Roisin Greening

Roisin Greening, Market Executive, Dusseldorf “The International Graduate Programme with Enterprise Ireland is an incredible launchpad into the world of international business. As a Market Executive for Germany, Austria and Switzerland my role is to work with Irish companies to help them expand or grow in those markets. Some of my time is spent supporting individual Irish companies for example to help them identify buyers or to understand the dynamic of the DACH markets in their industry. I have also been very involved in events in-market such as trade fairs, ministerial missions and organising Irish delegation visits to global companies. The network developed by Enterprise Ireland overseas is key to their support of clients and it is exciting to be involved in with such senior leaders and helping to manage those relationships at this point in my career. The role is very diverse and that is in fact the highlight of the job – it is a mix of business consultancy, diplomacy, relationship management and, in my case, language training, that serves as a perfect transition to a career in business.”

Niall Killalea

Niall Killalea, Market Executive, Brussels “What I like most about Enterprise Ireland’s International Graduate Programme is that no two days are the same. One day you could be assisting a senior management team with their export and diversification strategies; the next, you could be Project Manager to a Ministerial Trade Mission. You will gain exposure to so many aspects of international business which is unparalleled at this early juncture of your career. The great level of responsibility you will be entrusted with allows you to develop a diverse and unique skill set that will undoubtedly stand to you in the future, no matter what career path you choose.”

Caoimhe Gordon

Caoimhe Gordon, Market Executive, Düsseldorf  “What I have truly enjoyed about my experience thus far is the variety that each day in the role brings from deep-diving into the various market sectors to learning how best to support Irish companies at each stage of their export journeys. This knowledge is then utilised from venturing outside the office where one week you could be organising an Ireland Pavilion at an international trade show or bringing buyers over to Ireland and the next, you’re meeting the Irish President in Berlin!”

This role also offers me the chance to further develop my language skills in a fast-paced environment.  Opportunities to work alongside my peers from other offices through our participation in the Eurozone Strategy Group has also been a worthwhile endeavour, strengthening our ties to the organisation while working overseas and presents us with a chance to learn from one another!

Declan Saruwatari

Declan Saruwatari, Market Executive, Shanghai, China “My graduate experience so far has been brilliant. Being in an international market and having the opportunity to represent Ireland is very special and definitely gives me a sense of pride. I am very lucky to be a part of Team China and everyone in market has been very supportive of me in a job which has an incredibly steep learning curve. I have gained a first-hand insight into International business from both an Irish and a Chinese perspective and encountered many challenges and opportunities along the way”

Justin Egan

Justin Egan, Market Executive, Singapore “The Enterprise Ireland International Graduate Programme kickstarts your career in business. You are afforded the opportunity to promote some of Ireland’s most innovative companies, while gaining invaluable international experience and business acumen living and working in a global city. This is a hands-on role, where you will develop your interpersonal, analysis, international marketing and event management skills on the job – these are skills you can take with you anywhere.”


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