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MTI Technology Centre

What is MTI

Meat Technology Ireland (MTI) is an industry-led technology centre established in 2016 and hosted by Teagasc. MTI represents a strategic opportunity for Ireland to support the Irish meat sector, to adapt and innovate, in the face of seismic changes such as Brexit, digitalisation and sustainability demands. The centre has five indigenous multi-national core members representing 80% of Ireland’s beef and lamb processing pool, with the membership broadening in Phase II to include indigenous and international SME/multi-national companies. The core members have a combined annual turnover of over €3bn and exports of c€2.3bn and account for 25% of total Irish food and drink exports. These sectors employ approximately 11,104 people directly and 120,000 indirectly. Ireland is the biggest net exporter of beef in the EU and the 5th largest in the world. 

Sustainability, competitiveness, and innovation are core elements of MTI’s Phase II programme. MTI enables the Irish meat sector to deliver across these areas, while also serving to protect regional communities. MTI seeks sustainability solutions for industry in areas like methane reduction, new recyclable materials for packaging and circular economy opportunities. Digitalisation is critical to ensure the future success and viability of the primary meat processing industry. MTI will develop a roadmap for client companies and validate new technologies to support the industry on its digitalisation journey. The centre is continuing to research, publish and inform health policy in Ireland and the EU on the positive health contribution derived from meat consumption. 


  • Genomic predictions 

  • Meat tenderness management 

  • Meat safety and shelf-life extension 

  • Digital processing solutions 

  • Meat and health 

  • Circular economy 

  • Packaging 

Research performed by: 

  • Teagasc/Irish Cattle Breeders Federation 

  • Teagasc 

  • Teagasc/University College Cork/TU Dublin 

  • IMR/Teagasc 

  • University College Cork/DCU/MTU 

  • TUS APT/MTU Shannon ABC 

  • TUS APT   


John Colreavy [photo]

Dr John Colreavy

Director - MTI Technology Centre
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