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MCCI Technology Centre

What is MCCI

MCCI is a technology centre that provides Industry-led high impact microelectronic research that enables future products and applications driven by the semiconductor Industry. MCCI offers a strong focal point to the electronic tech sector to address key technology challenges by leveraging the research resources available in Ireland’s third level research institutes and has established itself as a world leader in analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuit design research. We work and support many global semiconductor companies to enhance their microelectronic technology developments and innovation for future advanced product developments. 

MCCI is working with medical companies on new ultra-low power implantable microchips to monitor the human body, with smart food companies on microchips that can detect DNA in food products, with energy companies to reduce the power in data centres and communications companies on networks of the future. The world-class circuits that MCCI designs allow companies to differentiate their products in energy services, aerospace and many other areas. 


  • Analogue and mixed-signal circuits research 

  • Sensor interfaces 

  • Communications 

  • Smart medical devices 

  • Smart agri-food devices 

Research performed by: 

  • Tyndall National Institute 

  • University College Dublin 

  • University College Cork 

  • University of Limerick 

  • Maynooth University 

  • Munster Technological University 


John Morrissey, Centre Director [photo]

John Morrissey

Centre Director - MCCI Technology Centre
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