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IMR Technology Centre

What is IMR

Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is a leading Research and Technology Organisation providing a portfolio of operations research, training, and consultancy services to Industry across the following four thematic pillars: Digitisation, Sustainable Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing, and Robotics and Automation. As a leading manufacturing Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) with labs and industrial pilot lines in Dublin and Mullingar, IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to demystify, and de-risk new and emerging technologies and to deliver high-impact collaborative research and services to enable advanced manufacturing for a broad range of clients across Ireland’s manufacturing network. IMR’s vision is to empower manufacturing of all sectors and sizes to be leaders in the world of advanced manufacturing so that they can compete and thrive in the global economy. IMR is helping Manufacturing Industries to understand what the factory of the future will be, what new emerging skills will be needed and how to Manufacture in the most sustainable way. 


  • Digitisation: IOT, Manufacturing Data Analytics, Human Factors, Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies, Software Development, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning 

  • Robotics and Automation: Robotics and Automation, Process Automation, Simulation, Controls Engineering 

  • Design for Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Subtractive Manufacturing, Machining, Automation, Mech Eng., Materials Scientist 

  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Sustainability, Carbon Reporting, Life Cycle Analysis, Management systems, Circular Economy, Circular Design, Circularity Assessments, Circular Business Models, Water, Water Visualisation, Water Optimisation, Water Excellence, Industrial Energy, Utility System Optimisation, Measurement & Verification, Simulation, Operational Excellence. 

Research performed by: 

  • Irish Manufacturing Research 


Barry Kennedy [photo]

Barry Kennedy

CEO - IMR Technology Centre
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