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FHI Technology Centre

What is Food for Health Ireland

Food for Health Ireland – Your Future in Food Innovation. 

Food for Health Ireland is a national full service scientific research organisation that provides companies with a competitive edge in the global food and ingredients market. Food for Health Ireland provides companies with access to world-class scientists and facilities to deliver innovative, tangible, market-focused solutions in food and ingredients with health benefits.  

Our research expertise and capabilities span the building blocks that support Health and Wellness, the biggest and fastest growing category in consumer lifestyle trends. Food for Health Ireland has established expertise in delivering across these building blocks, namely: metabolic and cardiovascular health, digestive and immune health, healthy ageing, and performance nutrition. Food for Health Ireland has spent more than a decade understanding industry needs, global market trends and the regulatory landscape to drive innovation with proven market success for companies. 


  • Discovery and Characterisation 

  • Bioconversion technologies (fermentation, hydrolysis) 

  • Omics (metabolomics, peptidomics, proteomics, transcriptomics) 

  • Manufacture and Processing 

  • Lab, pilot, and pre-commercial scale 

  • Taste and Function 

  • Trained sensory panels, consumer sensory testing 

  • Physicochemical assessment 

  • Protective food-based matrices 

  • Stimulated digestion platforms (infant, adult, elderly) 

  • Health and Sustainable Nutrition 

  • In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo platforms (linked to target health sectors) 

  • National nutrition surveys 

  • Food intervention trials (healthy ageing, metabolic and cardiovascular health, digestive and immune health, sports, and physical performance) 

Research performed by: 

  • University College Dublin 

  • Teagasc 

  • Dublin City University 

  • University College Cork 

  • Trinity College Dublin  


Nessa Noronha [photo]

Nessa Noronha

Centre Director - FHI Technology Centre
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