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Varadis is a spin-out company from Tyndall National Institute in University College Cork (UCC), Ireland; a leading European research centre in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) hardware and systems. 
Our products are built on over 30 years of Tyndall technology development in the radiation monitoring space. 
We today design and supply the world's most effective and dynamic radiation monitoring components, devices and systems to some of the globes most recognised organisations. 

Our expertise

Varadis RADFETs have been optimised for various space applications, including housekeeping of satellites, space radiation environment studies, shielding analysis and monitoring of radiation-hardened electronic components and systems

Service domain

  • Human Spaceflight 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

  • Space Research 

Technology domain

  • EEE Components 

  • Materials & Processes 

  • On Board Data Systems 

  • Space Systems Controls 

  • System Design & Verification 

Products, services and projects

Varadis RADFET sensors are hermetically sealed, robust, discrete MOS transistors optimised for the detection of ionising radiation. 

Small and lightweight, combining the positive features of zero power passive dosimeters and the dynamic capability of active dosimeters. 


They have been part of space exploration for many years. Missions and Customers include: 

NASA's Living with a Star Program 

International Space Station 

The EuCPAD dosimeter for astronauts 





ESA's STRV-1c 

JAXA's MDS-1 & SDS-1 

ESA's Chimera experiment

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