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TechWorks Marine

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Charlotte O'Kelly

  • Managing Director


TechWorks Marine is a provider of oceanographic equipment and world-class solutions to monitor the marine environment, working in the private and public sectors both in Ireland and overseas. 

TechWorks Marine has developed the CoastEye data access platform for managing and monitoring marine environmental data, including satellite information. Image: chlorophyll measurements in the Irish Sea using Sentinel 3 data from the European Commission’s Copernicus programme

Our expertise

TechWorks Marine has a multi-disciplinary Satellite Remote sensing team, with expertise in optical, infrared, and SAR satellite data products for the ocean and atmosphere. In addition to providing clients with bespoke Earth Observation data products and services, we are assimilating satellite data into the WAVEWATCH III wave model and can provide clients with merged satellite and model data products and services. 


CoastEye, our proprietary data access web portal can be used as a decision support tool, offering access to high-quality satellite information for our customers and clients.

Service domain

  • Satellite Applications 

Technology domain

  • Applications  

Products, services and projects

TechWorks Marine has worked with ESA since 2009 on a range of projects on topics such as offshore renewable energy, wave modelling, vessel detection, water quality monitoring and in-situ validation of ocean colour products. 

Examples include the CoastVal project (2016-2019), where a buoy platform dedicated to the validation of satellite ocean colour data products for coastal areas in high latitude waters was developed and deployed, the SeaSearch project which detected abnormal activities at sea, providing real-time alerts to support Search & Rescue operations and fighting illegal fishing and smuggling, and the ResGROW project which developed satellite products for the marine wave and tidal renewable energy sectors.

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