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Kevin O'Neill


PixQuanta’s mission is to provide the auto, space and consumer industries with the safest possible LiDAR solution while having the greatest accuracy, longest range, highest reliability and smallest form factor – all at the lowest cost. To achieve this PixQuanta’s proprietary high-gain thin film diode technology transforms a CMOS Image Sensor (2D) into a CMOS ranging sensor (3D) to create a high-performance/low-cost LiDAR solution

Our expertise

Silicon CMOS sensor design for visible, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths covering the range 400nm-1600nm. Rapid prototype and testing of photodiode array on carrier chip which easily interfaces to linear and 2D Readout IC arrays. Design of photodiode thin film on ROIC wafer for a fully integrated solution.  

Service domain

  • Satellite Technology 

  • Satellite Applications

Technology domain

  • Optoelectronics 

Products, services and projects

High-reliability LiDAR sensors with no moving parts for space applications such as Formation Flying, Asteroid landing, In-flight coupling, Altimetry, Proximity Sensing, and Space Debris identification. 

For ESA, PixQuanta is currently active in a key European Space Agency GSTP/TDE project to develop the thin film technology for LiDAR applications (currently TRL3).

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