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OCE Technology

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Barry Kavanagh


OCE Technology supplies radiation-hardened system-on-chip, system-in-package memories, software tools for embedded developers, and satellite subsystems. These products are already flying on many different missions. The company has completed a number of contracts for the European Space Agency and has the Irish government as an investor. 

Our expertise

OCE’s engineering team has developed software tools for embedded system developers, a space-qualified real-time operating system, AI based vision processing, high performance ASICs and PCBs.

Service domain

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology

Technology domain

  • EEE Components 

  • On Board Data Systems 

  • Space Systems Software

Products, services and projects

OCE’s products include a debug tool for embedded software developers, a space-qualified real-time operating system, radiation-hardened quadcore SPARC system-on-chip, radiation-tolerant memories, high-performance rad-tolerant AI ASIC, and satellite subsystems. 

OCE’s hardware products are successfully flying on over 15 satellites. 

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