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Nammo Ireland develops and qualifies flight hardware for space-related applications. As a solution provider, Nammo Ireland has designed and manufactured high-strength structural supports for the Ariane 5/6 Vulcain Main Engine, as well as the upper-stage engine, Vinci. 

In partnership with the European Space Agency, Nammo has developed a range of flow control valves for space propulsion applications. These components are designed to survive the rigours of launch and space flight. 

Nammo Ireland has generated significant manufacturing skills through the production of precision assemblies in a wide variety of materials, including Inconel and Titanium, and to the highest quality standards on Ariane programs. Our production team is experienced in delivering precision components for structural, propulsion and fluid control applications. 

Cleanliness is maintained throughout the complete manufacturing, assembly and test processes. Flight hardware is tested in our cleanroom facility in conditions that will be experienced in space. 

Our expertise

Cold Gas, Green and Chemical Propulsion Components 

Flow Control Devices for Launcher and Spacecraft Missions 

Hardware for extreme launcher environments 

Additive Manufacturing using 3D metal printing technologies 

CubeSAT propellant tanks and regulators 

Service domain

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Applications 

Technology domain

  • Materials & Processes 

  • Propulsion 

  • Structures & Pyrotechnics

Products, services and projects

Nammo Ireland operates a Quality Management System that is certified to AS9100. 

Nammo Ireland also conforms to customer requirements, which allows us to ship directly to the end item integration hall. 

Nammo Ireland has an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, with ISO Class 5 laminar flow benches for clean assembly work.

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