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Carl Tano


MinFarm is an engineering product company, focused on supporting LoRaWAN in remote locations. Our engineering team’s combined skills are in hardware engineering for extreme environments, off-grid power, and software IoT protocol optimisation for non-standard satellite links. A focus on developing and testing in remote locations ensures our products work reliably and cost-efficiently. MinFarm’s engineering team have over 20 years of experience in providing remote communication solutions to support your critical data operations

Our expertise

MinFarm Tech’s expertise is in developing software IoT protocol optimisation for nonstandard satellite links.

Service domain

  • Ground Segment Systems 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology

Technology domain

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

Products, services and projects

Ka MF 400 LoRaWAN Satellite Bridge 

IP-67 solar powered field unit 

Global coverage with the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite network: 
-  Runs continuously off single 80W solar panel 
-  Compatible with all COTS LoRaWAN sensors 
-  Water and rain proof (IP-67) 
-  Cloud based interface and API for remote 
-  LoRaWAN configuration (No field visits required for reconfiguration)

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