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Mark McCarville


Mindseed focuses primarily on the ICT product and services sectors in Ireland and Europe, specialising in telecommunications, satellite system integration, space technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), and business digitisation. 

Our expertise

We help innovative companies to secure funding, assess potential markets, build prototypical design models and develop full-scale commercial technology implementations. We also offer longer-term scaling and road mapping support. 


We work with organisations to assess their technology and link its use to satellite and ground-segment technology to qualify the technology as a potentially funded activity. We then proffer the optimum funding programme and develop the tender proposals in association with the client. If successfully funded, we offer project coordination services during the project, writing project documents and managing the fund draw-down and programme execution compliance

Service domain

  • Ground Segment Systems 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology

Technology domain

  • Application 

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

  • Optics 

  • RF Payload and Systems 

  • Space Systems Software

Products, services and projects

Developing business cases, business models and proposals for the following: 


Ground segment systems development and integration. 

Integration of ground segment technology with Earth Observation, GNSS and GIS systems. 

Development of ground technology and PNT systems. 

Development of ground terminal equipment. Integration of ICT systems with ground segment technology. 

Integration of AI and Machine learning with ground segment and ground truthing technology. 

Projects completed to date: 

Project SATMODO – Client Treemetrics - Developing a REAL TIME HARVEST INFORMATION SYSTEM for forestry management and timber crop yield optimisation. 

Project TAOSATT - Client Taoglas - Developing a hybrid Satellite, Cellular, Wi-Fi, GNSS, single enclosure data router with integrated antennas. 

Project MISSATO – Client Taoglas – Developing L1/L2/L5 (E1, E5a, E6) Triband GNSS Antennas. 

Satcom IoT Maker Space – Client DCU – Inaugural ESA Maker Space. Mindseed, working with ESA Mindseed developed 10 micro-projects under the Micro-ITT programme with the development theme of IoT & M2M over Satcom – 10 projects were developed, funded and managed by Mindseed on behalf of DCU. 

Project Fijosat – Client Fijowave – Developing a satellite-enabled secure access device for remotely located equipment. 

Project UBISAT – Client Druid Software – Developing a 3G, (FMC) fixed and mobile converged communications platform, providing network integrated 2.0G and 3.0G services to remote industry via satellite. 

Project Space for Sanitation – Client Woodco – Developing a demonstration phase proof of concept solution for third-world sanitation management. 

Client – Davra - Direct Negotiation project for the development and testing of novel approaches for monitoring of tailings storage facilities based on EO and IoT.

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