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John Mackey


mBryonics Ltd develop innovative optical systems for telecommunications, Earth observation and science missions to provide advanced sensing, imaging, positioning, data management and data transport capabilities for data-driven applications. We specialise in space optical instruments, photonic intra-sat and high-frequency comms and end-to-end free space optical communication systems for the ground and space segments. 

In these technology domains, our company focuses on providing end-to-end system-level solutions and engineering services for the next era of SatCom mesh networks, integrated space and terrestrial networks, secure communications, space exploration, Earth observation, deep space and science missions, Space Situational Awareness, and private space-based services. 

A privately owned SME based in Galway, Ireland, our company is developing a vertically integrated model to provide design, system engineering and advanced Manufacture, Assembly, Integration and Test (MAIT) to meet our customer’s requirements for lower cost missions, satellite miniaturisation, and series production for constellations. 

Our expertise

Contractor for Optical system design, engineering and MAIT: Specialising in Freeform and Active Optics; Adaptive optics and optoelectronic system design engineering and MAIT; Digital Signal Processing (DSP); Embedded software; Embedded electronics; Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC) design, system engineering and MAIT; Photonics Packaging; Manufacture, Assembly Integration and Test; Optical and mechanical Ground Support Equipment; Space Mechanisms and optomechanical systems engineering and MAIT; Mechatronics. 

Service domain

  • Ground Segment Systems 

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

  • Space Research

Technology domain

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

  • Mechanisms 

  • Optics 

  • Optoelectronics 

  • RF Payload & Systems

Products, services and projects

Satellite Free Space Optical Communications end-to-end systems for the space and ground segments: Data Management systems, constellation SDN network topologies and orchestration; ground equipment; payloads (Feeders/ Cross-links/modems/PNT); adaptive optics systems; and photonics subsystems for data relay, gateways/autonomous Ground Stations, user terminals, cross-links, quantum key distribution, laser ranging and intra-satellite communications. Customers: ESA, Airbus Defence and Space, DLR, Fraunhofer IOF. 

Design, engineering and MAIT of high precision optical and mechanical on-board instruments and equipment for Earth observation, science and deep space missions: Telescope assemblies/ space optical systems, high powered lasers, sensors, custom test equipment for space instruments, OGSE, MGSE, space simulators and high-precision mechanisms, optomechanical, and mechatronics equipment/instruments. Customers: OHB, ESA. 

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for space: We offer services in PIC design; system engineering and MAIT of packaged PIC-based systems, components and modules for high-frequency applications, intra-sat comms, navigation, PAT, and SAR. Customers: ESA, Airbus Defence and Space. 

Automation of production, assembly, integration and testing for photonics and optics systems: Research, design, engineering, manufacture and system integrator of bespoke automated photonics micro-assembly and optics manufacture and testing equipment. Customers: ESA, Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund project, ESO, OHB. 

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