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ENBIO provides surface coatings and treatments for structures used in a variety of industrial sectors. For space applications, ENBIO offers a suite of next-generation thermal control and stray light suppression coatings with extreme stability to radiation and thermal cycling – called SolarBlack, SuperBlack and SolarWhite.  

In addition, ENBIO has developed a REACH-compliant chromate-free structural adhesive primer called SolarPrime for space and aerospace applications.

Our expertise

ENBIO is the inventor of a patented surface treatment process called CoBlast, which uniquely replaces a metal's outer oxide layer with a tribe-chemically-bonded ‘dopant’ surface, effectively and permanently changing the chemistry of metal surfaces. Significantly, this metal surface functionalisation is achieved without the use of wet chemistry or thermal input and is operated at both ambient temperature and pressure i.e., no vacuum is required, and thus there is no limit to substrate size. 


Space coatings - Due to the nature of the CoBlast process ENBIO can produce purely inorganic coatings which bind directly to a material surface with no significant added mass. The absence of organic binders means that coatings do not degrade in the space environment, providing continued and stable thermal performance for extended periods, thus increasing the operational lifetime of spacecraft. 


Primer coatings - CoBlast technology also offers an environmentally friendly REACH-compliant solution to current state-of-the-art chromate-based technologies from priming metal surfaces before adhesive bonding. ENBIO has developed a next-generation CoBlast primer which can surpass the strength of incumbent techniques while possessing the increased benefit of a greatly extended shelf-life post-coating. 


ENBIO provided expertise in testing and consultancy for the thermal management of flight hardware for space. 


Release coatings – The application of mould-release coatings using CoBlast offers significant advantages over incumbent techniques as it requires no wet chemistry, no recoating and no downtime for cleaning. Operational capacity and mould lifetime are therefore achieved. 

Service domain

  • Human Spaceflight 

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Technology 

Technology domain

  • Materials and Processes 

  • Optics 

  • RF Payload & Systems 

  • Thermal

Products, services and projects

Enbio offers a suite of next-generation thermal control coatings - that are inorganic and electrically conductive and provide extreme stability to radiation and thermal cycling – called SolarBlack SuperBlack and SolarWhite. SuperBlack and SolarWhite can also be applied to composite substrates. 


Originally developed for Solar Orbiter, ESAs landmark mission to study the Sun, these products represent a quantum leap in thermal control coating performance for both inter-planetary and earth orbiting satellites. All Sun facing surfaces of the Solar Orbiter craft are protected by an Enbio product, including the critical main heatshield and the stood off radiator assembly protecting instrumentation (TRL9 coatings). Other ESA hardware and missions which ENBIO have coated flight hardware for includes JUICE, EXOMars and MeteoSat 2G. Additionally ENBIO provides thermal management solutions and stray light suppression technology for private space flight hardware companies. 





Thickness (microns) 




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Thermal space applications of this technology include radiators, waveguides, antennae, reflectors, sensors, solar array yokes, horns, baffles, internal panels/enclosures and OSR replacement. Substrates include complex 3D shapes, tubes and foils. 


ENBIO has also developed SolarPrime, a chromate-free adhesive primer. Suitable for a wide range of metal substrates, including common aerospace aluminium and titanium alloys, the primer is a dry, green technology, eliminating highly carcinogenic wet chemical processes from spacecraft manufacturers. For more on the technology please visit 


ENBIO also offer a wide range of material and surface characterisation services, including SEM, EDX and thermo-optical measurements. A large thermal vacuum analysis setup will be commissioned in late 2020. For a complete list of test services offered, please visit 

ENBIO offers a rapid response coupon/prototyping service for client application enquiries. 

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