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Mark McKeigue


ÉireComposites is an innovative design, manufacturing and testing company involved in lightweight, high-performance, fibre-reinforced composite materials, with an international customer base in space, aerospace, renewable energy and industrial composites. 

Our expertise

We have engaged in several ESA and industry-funded R&D, design and manufacturing for the space industry for the past 20 years.   

We have pioneered the way in the study of Thermoplastics, Welding and ATP.  

Service domain

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

  • Space Research 

Technology domain

  • Materials and Processes 

  • Structures and Pyrotechnics 

  • System Design & Verification

Products, services and projects


Future launcher preparatory programme (FLPP) – design, manufacturing and testing of 1.5m diameter interstage skirt demonstrator. 

ATG Lattice: ESA-funded project with ATG and Torray. 1.5m diameter lattice cylinder representing a full-scale satellite central tube structure. 

Demonstration of Thermoplastic composites: demonstrating the potential uses of thermoplastic composites in satellite structures. 

The adhesive joining of thermoplastic composites. 

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