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Composites Testing Laboratory

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Mark McKeigue


CTL is a leader in the field of mechanical testing of advanced composites. It tests for Space, Aerospace, Renewables Energy, Automotive and Medical Devices Sectors.

Our expertise

CTL provide a complete service including test planning, panel manufacture, specimen preparation and testing. With 20 years of experience in testing for Space and Aerospace CTL is confident we can provide a solution to your testing requirements. Our laboratory is well equipped with fatigue and static testing machines; ageing and conditioning equipment and other essential tools. CTL’s workshop allows for the precise preparation of samples in advance of testing.

Service domain

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Technology 

Technology domain

  • Materials & Processes 

  • Structures & Pyrotechnics 

  • System Design & Verification

Products, services and projects

Over the last 20 years, CTL has developed custom test procedures and has been involved in testing programmes for many ESA projects including ATG, Lattice, and DTC. 

We have worked with materials such as PEEK, providing detailed material qualification reports for projects such as FLPP. We are experts in PCP, FPQ and fatigue testing. We have simulated ageing and conditioning for specimens during this process.

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