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ATG Innovation Ltd. is the Irish subsidiary of ATG Europe. It specialises in developing advanced structural applications for the space industry, focusing primarily on the development of grid-stiffened and lattice composite technology for launchers and satellite structures. 

We operate according to two business models: Make or Buy. We can provide the technology entirely to our customers using a knowledge transfer exercise to enable them to be independent suppliers of the technology (Make). Or we can deliver finished (and integrated) grid and lattice components for your applications (Buy). 

In addition to our main specialisation, we also carry out activities in the field of high-end thermal and mechanical engineering solutions for various domains but mainly, spacecraft engineering.

Our expertise

ATG Innovation Ltd. has developed and patented a cost-efficient manufacturing methodology for continuous pre-preg fibre-placed grid-stiffened and lattice structures that allows the manufacturing of high-quality, complex, integrated grid-stiffened composite products in a true one-shot process. We provide a “turnkey” technology that covers everything from correlated tools for conceptual design, analysis, and optimisation to a generation of build-to-print instructions for part fabrication, including comprehensive tooling concepts. 


In the field of spacecraft engineering, ATG has broad expertise in the following fields: System level analysis and design, thermal control engineering, mechanical engineering, and thermo-elastics. 

Service domain

  • Launchers 

  • Satellite Technology

Technology domain

  • Materials & Processes 

  • Mechanisms 

  • Structures & Pyrotechnics 

  • System Design & Verification 

  • Thermal  

Products, services and projects

  • As part of ESA Science Core Technology Programmes (CTP), ATG Innovation Ltd. has developed a one-shot manufacturing process for uninterrupted pre-preg fibre-placed lattice structures consisting of regular and symmetric systems of hoops and helical ribs that aim to replace current standard satellite central tube designs. Lattice structures offer optimal weight-saving capabilities as their design can be adjusted to compensate for load distributions in mission-dependent applications, while also allowing for the inclusion of patches and attachment points which increases the structure's functionality. 

  • In collaboration with experienced industrial partners, ATG Innovation Ltd. is working on increasing the Technology Readiness Level from TRL4 to TRL6 of these fibre-placed pre-preg lattice structures for spacecraft through two CTP development projects supported by the European Space Agency. These projects are complete end-to-end processes of design, analysis, manufacture and testing of coupon, element, intermediate-scale and full-scale demonstrator models to validate the technology for use on satellite central tube structures. 

  • In parallel, further development is being conducted with Irish academic institutions and research centres with a specific focus on automating manufacturing processes. 

  • In the field of spacecraft engineering, ATG has supported the following missions/spacecraft (among others): ExoMars 2020 PDD (Mechanical design and verification, GSE design and delivery), EUCLID External Baffle (Structural & Thermal engineering), P200 platform propulsion STM (Structural & Thermal engineering)

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