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Keith Kerley


Arralis is a leader in advanced millimetre-wave technology.

We operate in the satellite communications, space, and aerospace markets with innovative integrated circuits, packaged modules, sub-systems, and complete high-definition radars and satellite systems. 

Our expertise

Our expertise is in extremely high frequency products up to 110GHz. Our Ka band antennas and transceivers have application in Low Earth Orbit to ground and GEO communications, offering high-rate data throughput. 
We also have Ka band and W band high frequency solutions for intersatellite links. We have developed many products for the European Space agency for scientific missions. Research is also taking place on the use of our products in Space craft landing, debris detection systems and satellite weather monitoring.

Service domain

  • Ground Segment Systems 

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

  • Space Research

Technology domain

  • EEE Components 

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

  • On Board Data Systems 

  • RF Payload and Systems

Products, services and projects

Ka band Transceiver Uplink and downlink – due to fly with OHB Germany in 2020, TRL 6. Ka band Antenna for Sat Comms TRL 5. Ka/K band 10W High Power amplifier GaN MMIC, for K/Ka satellite communications, TRL 5. GNSS Antenna, Multiband antennas operational over the GPS L5, L2, L1, Galileo E1, E5a and GLONASS G1, G2 and BeiDou bands. They are used in many applications including; automotive, transportation, defence and aerospace, TRL 6. We also have an E band 3d beam scanning radar which is used rotar craft high-definition radar which may have several applications in the space industry. 

European Space Agency Contracts: 
1. Development of 94GHz Radar Chipset;  
2. Design and Build 94GHz Radar Front End Modules;  
3. Design & Build – Ka Band Transceiver Chipset;  
4. Design and Development of an Electrically Steerable Antenna for Science Missions

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