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Ammeon Solutions is a Technology Company specialising in Enterprise DevOps, Cloud Transformation, and Agile-Lean consultancy.

We are proud to be an open and technology-agnostic company that champions Agile-Lean and DevOps practices coupled with open-source technology and a continuous improvement philosophy.

Our expertise

The founders of Ammeon Solutions built the market-leading Short Message Service (SMS) Centre and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) Centres in the 1990s for a range of mobile network technologies supplying carriers such as AT&T, Telefonica & J-Phone (Softbank Japan) and vendors such as Siemens, Motorola, Nortel and Alcatel with this key technology. 
In the satellite domain, they pioneered: 

  • SMS on satellite networks (initially with Motorola and Iridium in the 1990s); 

  • GSM to Satellite Roaming (Iridium, Inmarsat and GTE). 

The team has significant experience in designing, building, delivering and operating turn-key mission-critical telecommunications projects in areas including messaging, roaming, signalling, network management and billing mediation.

Service domain

  • Satellite Applications 

  • Satellite Technology 

Technology domain

  • Ground Station Systems and Networks 

  • Space Systems Software

Ammeon Solutions works within the telecommunications sector on an ongoing basis and delivers services to global players.

Throughout our company’s history, we have always sought to innovate within the industry. 

We previously worked as the provider of end-to-end applications provider (both server-side and client-device side) for an ESA co-funded consortium under the ARTES 34 programme The consortium, led by Inmarsat, worked on the development of the trial for a satellite IP-multicast service (Multicast Extension Phase 2+, based on Inmarsat’s BGAN service) which demonstrated massively scalable multimedia communications with global reach. 

Ammeon Solutions has worked with Dublin City University Maker Space on other ESA projects. Work was delivered by Ammeon Solutions on the following activities which were part of the DCU Alpha Maker Space project, Contract Number 4000111631/13/NL/EN: 
- Setting up the Testbed for Blockchain supporting satellite M2M/IoT; 
- Exploring the Cloud-RAN concept for satellite by sampling a (simulated) satellite signal; 
- Open source VDES reference implementation for maritime communications 

Ammeon Solutions has created innovative product architectures targeted at managed satellite distribution of software and firmware, with shipping applications as a specific target segment. 

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