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Vaultree: Cybersecurity Visionary Recognized as 2023 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Vaultree, a global leader and trusted partner in cybersecurity, proudly announces its recognition as a 2023 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This prestigious recognition is not only a testament to Vaultree’s relentless innovation with Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE) and its mission to transform data protection and access in the digital realm, but also signifies its acceptance into a community of global leaders who are driving change and innovation.

Vaultree now joins the exclusive community of game-changers and tech pioneers like Airbnb, Kickstarter, Google and Twitter, who have previously been conferred with the Technology Pioneer title. This distinguished acknowledgement is bestowed upon companies ready to make a substantial and lasting impact on society and business through groundbreaking technology.

Vaultree’s two-year membership in this prestigious cohort, spanning from June 21, 2023, to June 30, 2025, will see the company actively participating in WEF’s initiatives, activities, and events. Vaultree will engage with the Forum’s Cyber Security Centre, contributing to critical global discussions on key technological challenges and opportunities.

Born in the fall of 2020 on a dairy farm in Ireland, Vaultree is the embodiment of a decade-long commitment to research, development, and fine-tuning complex algorithms in the field of cybersecurity. The founders spent eight years diligently building an enterprise-scale solution before launching, fueled by the belief that data security should be a democratic principle, not a privilege.

Today, operating from dual headquarters in Cork, Ireland, and San Francisco, California, Vaultree stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, trusted by global leaders. Vaultree’s revolutionary Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE) is a testament to their commitment. By solving the long-standing issue of plaintext exposure during data breaches and leaks, Vaultree brings groundbreaking innovation to the market and showcases the power of persistence and dedication.

This new chapter begins with an invitation to the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2023, taking place from June 27-29 in Tianjin, China. Vaultree CEO, Ryan Lasmaili, will represent the company at this global congregation.

“Being named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum is an honour that brings with it a deep sense of gratitude and humility,” said Ryan Lasmaili, CEO of Vaultree. “We are not just a tech company; we are a force for change. Our recognition is not just about our groundbreaking innovation in cybersecurity but also about the potential our technology has to reshape the world. We’re not just excited about the milestones we’ve reached, but the future we’re helping to create. Here’s to a safer, more secure digital future for everyone.”

Vaultree is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE) coupled with its simple-to-integrate, easy-to-use SDK, enabling enterprises to securely process, search, and compute on structured and unstructured encrypted data. This approach powers AI and ML applications, and simultaneously ensures data protection and access, even in the face of potential leaks. Vaultree’s innovation is transforming business challenges into opportunities across industries worldwide, notably streamlining regulatory compliance and facilitating secure, collaborative cross-border data sharing.

Over the past year, Vaultree has achieved significant milestones, reinforcing its commitment to advancing global data security. These include a successful $12.8 million Series A funding round, a strategic partnership with Google AlloyDB, and recognition as the sole Irish recipient of the European Innovation Council (EIC) grant. Vaultree has also been honored with three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, the Editor’s Choice Encryption Expert award at the 2023 Global Infosec Awards, inclusion in the 2023 CyberTech 100 list, and a place on The Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas List. Vaultree’s technology has been integrated into Google’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and the Quantum security company, Qrypt’s Secure Proxy solution. These strategic collaborations, significant financial backing, and industry accolades underline Vaultree’s innovative approach and its position as a market leader in Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption.

As Vaultree steps into this elite community, it is committed to making data privacy a human right and contributing to a safer, more secure digital future for companies and individuals worldwide.

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