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Tines: Transforming cybersecurity for the global financial sector

Tines immediately piqued the interest of billion-dollar pharmaceutical distributors McKesson and security software company Sophos for its ability to allow employees to automate security workflows without needing technical skills – freeing up software engineers to focus on mission-critical tasks, rather than mundane ones.

Thomas Kinsella and Eoin Hinchy spent over a decade working as senior security operators in the foreword of their careers – and in that time, they experienced all of the usual pain points security teams face such as heavy workloads, understaffing, and inevitable incidents. That was up until 2018 when they built a laser-focused solution to these problems.

“Every day, security teams encounter the same challenges in organisations all around the world: a relentless cycle of monotonous tasks and minimal time in which to complete them and high-priority activities. So, manual tasks stay manual because no one has the capacity to write the software,” says Thomas Kinsella, Co-Founder of Tines.

With a focus on automation and a vision for the global financial services sector, Tines is transforming the security of digital monetary management with the support of  Enterprise Ireland.

Reimagining the future of cyber security

Tines is a security automation platform that bypasses the need for coding expertise, empowering security teams to streamline their operations effectively without demanding the already-stretched resources of software engineers. This transforms the financial sector, in particular companies that have large investments in security, enabling them to become leaner, more efficient, and gain a greater return on investment.

“Anybody regardless of their technical ability can use Tines to connect tools, gather context and real-time human input, make decisions, and automate a process end to end.”

 Financial organisations experience 300% more cyberattacks than other businesses –  but now, these companies can easily find weaknesses in their systems and transactions thanks to Tines. By streamlining internal processes and easily connecting to other tools, Tines improves visibility and response times. And, they’ve already partnered with big US and international organisations – such as AWS, Guidepoint, Optiv, Wiz, and Elastic – to combat increasing levels of phishing and fraud and avoid reputational damage.

“Whether running a credit card, transferring cryptocurrencies, or withdrawing cash from an ATM, customers need to rest assured their personal and financial information is being rigorously protected,” says Eoin Hinchy, CEO at Tines. “We enable financial organisations to provide that peace of mind – balancing security and convenience for their customers.”

 A world-renowned reputation

“Our goal has always been to make our customers wildly successful. By dedicating ourselves to maximising their potential, we’ve ensured our own growth and prosperity.”

This commitment has led to an array of satisfied global customers and a glowing reputation – which made raising capital from the world’s best investors much easier.

“Our success is not about what we did to raise capital; it’s about what we do to make our customers successful. As we continue to grow, this unwavering focus reminds us how we will continue to succeed – by prioritising customer success”.

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