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Search Keeping business efficient as they scale is on a mission to make companies more efficient, organized, and profitable and make employees happier in their work. Co-founders Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey have been building websites and consulting on software since 1999. Their insights into business efficiency, built up over many years, allowed them to build a product so strong, they landed their first enterprise contract with Disney and they’ve only gone up from there.

In a nutshell, provides teams with the tools and reports they need to maximize resources and time. “As organizations scale, inefficiencies can creep into managing the day-to-day processes,” says Peter Coppinger, CEO at Teamwork. “So, helps manage that while keeping the big picture front and centre.” 

With that, the software acts as a resource manager, making sure projects are effective, that tasks are templated so they are quickly repeatable, and keeps track of financials – so businesses can become more profitable on big initiatives.

 “We act as the kind of core system you need to scale your company. There’s an array of use cases that can be used for, but the main areas we solve for are efficiency in your day-to-day operations, the profitability of initiatives and managing resources, and we act as a customer communication platform and a central knowledge base.”

And it’s this all-encompassing technology that is positioning them as the backbone of many global companies.

The backbone of banking processes is being used by organisations across many industries – but financial services, in particular are beginning to reap the rewards of this tool due to its financial transparency, security, and data protection capabilities.

 “Financial services, especially in the USA, is one of our biggest segments, particularly those institutions that provide services to other firms. Our platform effectively helps them scale their organisations more effectively and efficiently, offering huge returns on investment.

 One such institution who have deployed company-wide is Lincoln Financial Group (or LFG), a publicly held insurance and financial services holding company.

 “Every team in there is able to manage their day-to-day – but it also allows senior managers to step out of the day-to-day, see the profitability and performance of every team and identify any constraints or bottlenecks in the company as well.”

This technology is helping banks with future planning, not just in terms of projects, but manpower too – which has never been more important than in today’s economic climate.

 “It’s very typical that a company may be over-reliant on a couple of key people, no matter what processes you have in your company. And as you scale, these people become bottlenecked – not deliberately, they’re just overloaded. We provide visibility into where your bottlenecks are so that you can plan ahead. How many people can you take on? At what point will you have to hire them? Is it even feasible to take on this big project? So, we give you the bird’s eye view you need to make those plans.”

 This kind of foresight is helping financial institutions and other businesses alike consolidate their existing tools (reducing costs) and manage internal access to data (maximising security). Not to mention that companies in general are seeing a 437% ROI when using according to The Total Economic Impact™ of study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

 A global portfolio of Teamwork

 Having recently opened an office in Denver, has set its sights on becoming an essential business limb from the east coast to the west, in industries from healthcare to education. Already, they’re working with an extensive portfolio of US clients such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Bioscience, and The Office of Research Administration to name but a few.

“We probably have every university in the States using in some capacity.” is also striving to simplify global projects, and one that it is particularly proud of is working with Special Olympics 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

“We helped with the organisation of the entire event – everything from the soup that was served to the games, to the accommodation, to the planning, to the jerseys. Every last element was planned on by the entire Olympic committee.”

 With events of this magnitude, there’s no room for mistakes and synchronised communication is vital. Which really demonstrates the value and simplicity of Teamwork. Whether you have a staff of 10 or 10,000 you can ensure your teams are all working together towards the same goal – and Enterprise Ireland has been supporting to continue expanding the magnitude of their offering.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve been really partnering with EI who have helped accelerate our R&D in particular. There’s been a couple of big initiatives and big projects such as building a CRM into Teamwork. Our vision for is to be the complete end-to-end system for businesses. With the resources we had originally available to us, we were able to move at 80% of the speed we wanted, but Enterprise Ireland was able to help us get to a 100%.”

 Across the world, Enterprise Ireland’s global teams are connecting the world’s most dynamic companies with the transformative Irish technology they need to compete and grow. We know where innovation lives. Let us connect you to it.


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