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Northwell Health and CliniShift Partner to Deploy Healthcare Staffing Optimisation Technology

Northwell Health, the largest healthcare provider and private employer in New York State with 21 hospitals, has partnered with Ireland-based software CliniShift on the deployment of a ground-breaking scheduling software platform to optimise internal healthcare staffing and schedule management with support from Enterprise Ireland. The software has the potential to be adopted by healthcare systems globally, as it helps address workforce management and staff shortages, critical issues facing healthcare systems today.

CliniShift worked closely with Northwell Health to build on its existing platform, to deliver a software that optimises staffing workflows and improves operational inefficiencies such as streamlining time-off requests while simultaneously finding shift coverage. This unique scheduling software gives small, medium, and large health systems the opportunity to optimise their internal staffing resources in multiple unique ways. The CliniShift platform also has the ability to further streamline operations by integrating with approved third-party staffing agencies when the need arises. The CliniShift platform has proven to deliver 84% uptake of internal shift requests. 80% of shift requests were accepted by staff in under 30 minutes.

The co-development opportunity between Northwell Health and CliniShift arose from a strategic agreement between Northwell Health and Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s trade and innovation agency. The strategic relationship facilitates Northwell Health to engage with Irish companies and provide access to clinicians and key decision-makers across its extensive healthcare network, to develop and commercialise new technologies, and collaborate in joint ventures. These strategic relationships are core to the mission of Northwell Health’s International Business Program to collaborate with global healthcare hubs and companies via strategic alliances with government trade agencies to co-create future healthcare solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Rich Mulry, President & CEO Northwell Holdings, noted, “Our collaboration with CliniShift exemplifies the synergy between Northwell, Enterprise Ireland and innovative solutions which improve our operational efficiencies, and share in the mutual benefit of a company’s growth in the US market.”

“Our unique scheduling software comes at a critical time for healthcare systems globally to efficiently optimise internal staff scheduling, for clinical and non-clinical staff. CliniShift provides a real-time digital communication platform to manage the entire staff scheduling process and has proven to ensure hospitals have sufficient staff levels, reducing missed shifts and gaps in rosters.” says Aimée Madden, President and CEO of CliniShift.

“Northwell’s International Business Program was created to gain access to global solutions. Since creating the program, Northwell has realized value from collaborating with companies across procurement, pilots/research, and ventures,” says Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health. “This approach and our experience with CliniShift continue to demonstrate the value large health systems bring in collaborating with international companies.”

“Enterprise Ireland’s strategic relationship with Northwell Health provides significant opportunities for innovative Irish companies to commercialise and co-develop new innovations and enter the US market. The partnership between CliniShift and Northwell Health is a great example of the excellent collaboration that exists between Ireland and the United States across the healthcare industry,” added Leo Clancy, CEO, Enterprise Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland’s support of the relationship between US healthcare leaders like Northwell Health and Irish medical technology innovators like Clinishift is improving processes and efficiencies in the US and globally for overall improved patient care.

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